Modi had an eventful day in office as PM

NationalModi had an eventful day in office as PM


Friday i.e. today seems to be the most eventful day in the office for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After all, he was the first at the Indian Mobile Congress who spoke about technology. After that event, he took part in a program where he stressed the importance of Seva. And guess what, he went to a program where he communicated with the saints.

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After landing back in Delhi, Modi held meetings wherein he discussed governance till late evening. As per a report, Modi connected with very diverse fields from technology in the morning to service and spirituality in the evening to governance and policy till late in evening. It was indeed an eventful day for the most busy PM in the world.

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Modi spoke with great pride at the Indian Mobile Congress about the country being in the frontrunner in the 6G technology. The PM spoke at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi at the India Mobile Congress that, “The future is here and now. Our young generation is leading the tech revolution. India is not only expanding the 5G network in the country, but also laying emphasis on becoming a leader in 6G”.

“In the development of digital technology, India is behind no developed nation. Technology is the catalyst that expedites the transition from a developing nation to a developed one. The 21st century marks an era of India’s thought leadership,” the PM said.

Then by the afternoon time, Modi went to take part in the programs at the Shri Sadhguru Seva Sangh Trust wherein he spoke about the importance of seva or service attitude in one’s life. He also launched a new wing of Jankikund Chikitsalaya, which will be taking care of the health needs of several people. Then he travelled to the Tulsi Peeth in Chitrakoot wherein there was a program held related to spirituality. There he said in the backdrop of saints and seers that, “Ashtadhyayi is thousands of years old text of India’s linguistics, intellectuality and our research culture. Time refined Sanskrit, but could never pollute it. It remained eternal. Whatever national dimension you look at in India, you will witness Sanskrit’s contribution. Sanskrit is not only the language of traditions, it is also the language of our progress and identity”.

Guess what, after he landed in Delhi, he conducted important meetings related to policy-making and governance. All these are being done just before the election campaign for the five state elections that will be starting soon.

Indeed Modi gives us the message through the eventful day that one needs to have a service attitude in life to keep serving others both on personal and professional fronts. Then one needs to have a spiritual mindset to take things as they come and let go of things that are really not required in your life. And then comes the technological progress as of one needs to be updated as well as abide by the policies set at different levels.

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