Aww! Puppy makes use of mama dog’s ear as a blanket

LifestyleAww! Puppy makes use of mama dog's ear as a blanket


When it comes to watching videos online, then we are the first generation to do so. Got a bad day? Want to make it a good one? Well, turn to your smartphone or laptop and keep scrolling videos on various social media platforms. One such video that has caught our attention today will surely put a smile on your face. The video has been shared by Twitter page @buitengebieden, which reveals a cute puppy hiding under its mama’s ear.

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Yeah, you read it right! A puppy tries to hide under the dog‘s ear as the dog is shown lying down on a bed. The puppy when reaches its mama dog climbs on top of her and uses her ear as a blanket to rest and sleep inside. Isn’t it cute? Well, for the entire duration, the mama dog understands the puppy’s requirements and stays calm just allowing the puppy to do what it wants.

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In the caption of the post, @buitengebieden wrote, “Puppy using mamma’s ear as a blanket.”

The post was shared some hours back on the X platform and has already gotten three million views and still counting. It also has several likes and comments on the video as people found the video to be quite adorable and sweet.

Here are some of the comments shared on the video, read it on and enjoy. 

An individual wrote, “Aww, the puppy looks tired.”

A second said, “I think we could all use to cuddle up with a warm dog with soft ears right now.”

A third commented, “That’s so sweet.”

“The things Moms put up with! Lol!” Said a fourth.

A fifth added, “So adorable and cute!”

Have you watched the video yet? Click here to check out the video and enjoy the awesome bonding between Mama dog and her puppy.

Share your views and thoughts with us in the COMMENTS below. Also, we would like to know what you think is the reason behind humans getting attracted to such adorable videos of love and bonding.

Well, according to us, it is the inner nature of humans to see only the good things happening in the world. And with the internet boom and several video companies coming up with beautiful videos to circulate on social media platforms and chat-sharing platforms, it is indeed a new way of living.

No wonder elders who have retired from their professions and living alone like to watch such cute, sweet videos and circulate them on WhatsApp with their friends. It not only acts as a therapy as their sadness gets reduced but they also feel good from within. It makes them feel that there is still humanity left and one should always train their mind to look at the positive side of the society.

Not just that, videos also have the potential to educate the audiences with their various tools and data. It is just the deceptive news and misinformation that needs to be controlled by the regulators so that fewer people get affected by its negative effects.

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