Amazing things you can gift on Children’s Day 2022

LifestyleAmazing things you can gift on Children's Day 2022


Children’s Day is nearing. Just a few days later on 14 November 2022 is when Children’s Day will be celebrated in India. It is a wonderful day to make the children know how much they are cherished and loved. You can consider gifting them something wonderful that they can remember for a lifetime or long-term. Here are some wonderful gift ideas for Children’s Day:

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1) Diary and pen:

You would underestimate the potential of a diary and pen. But let me tell you that just a pen or pencil and a diary or a notepad can make your children really happy. Encourage the writing habit in them and help them to write their thoughts as in their diary. They can also write about interesting experiences that they encounter in their academic life. Tell them that you won’t be reading the book unless they give it to you to read and share your views. Trust is how you will develop when you talk confidently and convincingly.

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2) Photo Album:

You can either create a collage of all their favorite moments shot on camera and gift them. Or you can give them an empty photo album and ask them to get those pictures printed which they consider being the most special moments. Let me tell you they will do this task quite beautifully because they realize the value of memories as they earn them with their favorite friends and relatives. 

3) Soft cushion or pillow covers with cartoons:

You can give them separate cushions that are quite soft for them to lay on or relax. Or you can give them pillow covers that are printed with their favorite cartoon characters. They will thank you a lot and also keep their favorite pillow or cushion with them to relax and sleep.

4) Take them to a favorite place:

They might have asked you several times to take them to a certain place that they consider to be most happening. Whatever reasons you had to deny their wish, make this Children’s Day the most memorable by taking them to that place. The moment you see them smiling and full of energy coming to you and hugging you for the experience, you will feel quite happy.

5) Watch kid’s movies:

Nowadays Hollywood movies come with a lot of action and mystery when it comes to Kids’ movies to keep them entertained. You can either sit with your kid and watch such movies or you can introduce them to Indian movies that are of good value and made just for children. Either of it, your child will be happy to spend quality time with you through movie-watching.

6) Compliment them for whatever they have done:

Children usually felt left out or neglected in the rat race. Instead of making them feel less or lack self-esteem, you can appreciate them for their small wins and achievements. Do not compare them with anyone but their own selves. Ask them to make a future map of their wishes and desires and see how they grow up beautifully in the future.

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