How children should aim for literacy rather than marks

EducationHow children should aim for literacy rather than marks


The education system of present India has become more like a business than an actual learning ground. I won’t tag the education system to be too bad or too good. However, as far as I have understood, children are becoming more materialistic rather than having a humanistic approach in life, which is the main failure of the current education system. Children are wrongly guided by their parents or teachers to invest their time in subjects that can help them make more money in the long run rather than sticking to their natural abilities and talents.

Imagining how children cope with the education of future

Children are aiming for higher grades not to excel in their fields but to beat other children in their classes in the ranking system. They are becoming more self-centric and too practical-minded that just fail the real basis of education – to make a good human being. So, how do we fill this gap in education and literacy? Like I remember a cobbler sharing his wise advice on how much he earns for his living. His life’s formula was simple – earning only that much is required for spending and the rest can be saved for the times when earnings won’t be there.

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Now one may argue how this cobbler’s advice can be compared to children of rich parents who have dreams to study at an international university or work abroad. In this life’s rat race of chasing money, are those high-end degrees really promoting humanity and welfare for society? Or is it creating more problems for the existing world that is already full of traps and issues?

The answer lies inside the heart of each person. How many literate adults do you see in the bank who would immediately come to the aid of an elderly woman who doesn’t know to read and write but yet has come to collect money from her ex-husband of a distant son? How many literate kids do you really see helping a child in their same class who fails an exam abruptly just because he didn’t understand the concepts?

Is literacy not meant to promote helping people in need and being kind to those who can’t really afford to pay those school fees or even the cost of the extracurricular activities that have been introduced by several schools just to loot the poor and middle-class parents? Well, the actual meaning of literacy is to help children and adults alike to know what they are doing in their lives with the existing information that they can access to make it better.

However, when such rat races keep happening in the form of competitions, contests, and marketing campaigns where only the winners are glorified and the participants are left with nothing but phrases like “better luck next time”, “try well again”, the education system is just failing for no good reasons. 

The other day when I was chatting with a homepreneur who has enrolled her kid for tuition, I became inquisitive to know if the new education policy has reduced the burden on young minds. However, the shocking revelation that the books are just the same heavy with just content different made me wonder where is the educated world-leading.

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