How to encourage your children to assist your spouse

RelationshipHow to encourage your children to assist your spouse


Children doing household chores doesn’t come naturally. Especially if children attend schools and private tuitions and have a lot of friends to play with, they hardly enter the kitchen or do their plates. They hardly get even time to stay back at home on the weekends and talk to their parents if they are in their teens. If your children are in their teens and are always messy with their study table and doing their basic chores at home, then take this Children’s Day 2022 as an opportunity to guide them on the right path.

How parents can encourage educational learning among children

Here are ways in which you can convince your teen children to start taking home responsibilities and assist your spouse in the same:

1) Mamma’s boy needs to prove his worth:

You can start the conversation by sharing how being a Mamma’s boy or girl, your child should start now with helping their mother and learning to do certain basic duties for themselves. For example, you can tell them to do their plates after taking their eatables and also ironing their clothes or keeping their tables and cupboard clean and neat. Help them understand how when they do their own duties, their mother i.e. your spouse will get enough time for herself to do her own tasks and spend quality ME time. 

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2) Lead by example by helping your spouse:

Children after the age of 5 or 7 or 10 or 13 can be taught the basic home duties by showing them how they can be done by their father. For example, if you are someone who orders your wife for everything to be fed to you at your table and you don’t turn out to enter the kitchen to even look at how she is doing it all, then you are just giving the wrong example. When you show your child, how you eat breakfast and keep your plates in the kitchen sink so that they can get cleaned, that’s when your 5-years-old child can also follow. Remember children learn what they see and hear, so make sure to set good examples in front of them.

3) Talk with respect and care to your spouse:

If your spouse is not complaining about how much she is working all alone at home, it doesn’t mean you take her for granted. On alternate Sundays, you can simply allow her to do whatever she wants but not the household chores. You can switch roles and show your child how doing household chores helps their mother to relax and keep their mind and body calm. This is how they will learn to do the same when they grow up to take care of their mother and also they will get the needed respect. You can also talk to your partner with utmost care and respect in front of them so that they also know when they should not cross their emotional boundaries of agitation, extreme fear, and panic, and keep their volumes low when they are upset. 

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