Simple and Effective Tips for Stress-free travel

TravelSimple and Effective Tips for Stress-free travel


When we travel, we find a purpose in our life. Due to the pandemic times, there was a decline in going out of our homes as a stay-at-home was the mandate. But now as we recover from the coronavirus pandemic and its negative effects on our lives, we are witnessing huge demand for travel and tourism. Everyone likes to travel without any limitations and guidelines and this winter season of 2022-23 offers the same to common people.

When you are traveling and read the news about an earthquake

Traveling to far and distant places is a really fun activity but one can also go through challenging situations during a business trip or family trip or solo travel. To make sure that your travel is seamless and safe, here are some amazing guidelines. Hope these stress-free travel tips help you to enjoy the journey and create memorable moments with your loved ones.

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1) Find out the facts about your destination:

If you really want a calm holiday, then ensure to collect the facts and vital information about your location. For example, if you want to stay in Mumbai during the rainy season, you will find many local trains canceled, many businesses opting to stay shut and several malls closing early to avoid getting stuck in late-night traffic and flood-like situations. So, that’s one of the reasons why it makes essential to be certain that the place where you plan to vacation can offer you the desired experiences or not. You can check out the train delays, weather forecasts, good hotels or homestays, whether the surroundings are safe or not, transit options and airline operational efficiency, etc. These facts will help you to know beforehand how many days you can stay in your location and when to make a move.

2) Practice the habit of leaving early and reaching on time:

There are surprising events happening at every turn in one’s life. If you get stuck in traffic before reaching the airport or catching your next train to your destination, then crying or feeling sad about it won’t really work. You need to have the habit to leave early and ensure that all the resources are managed well to prevent missing a train or bus or flight or reaching the desired venue late.

3) Travel accessories and documents should be kept handy:

Time and again, in all my travel-related stories, I have always mentioned the importance of keeping a folder wherein all your travel-related documents like the boarding pass, air travel or train tickets, identity documents such as Aadhaar card, Pan Card, Vaccination against coronavirus certificate, hotel booking details printout, etc. are kept one after another in a serial-wise manner. Whenever someone asks you at any point in your journey about the above documents, you just have to remove the folder or file from your bag and hand it over to them for their important reference. Keeping a separate pouch for the same will also be of help.

4) Your medicines are to be kept handy in the front zip of your purse or bag:

Medicines are quite important if you are traveling. Sometimes some medical stores don’t really keep the medicines prescribed by your doctor. So, it is important for you to keep your medicines and a first-aid kit in your bag’s first zip. This will help you to avoid any unpleasant experiences. Keeping homemade remedies for common problems like colds, cough, and acidity will also be of help. Proper planning will help you a lot in ensuring that your travel is without any stress and major health issues.

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