Times when Messaging is not okay in your relationship

RelationshipTimes when Messaging is not okay in your relationship


Couples usually crave a perfect relationship. They want things that are happening and always good times. It is natural to have a companion with whom you can share each and every update about your life. Communication is after all a very important component of a relationship. In digital times, you have SMS, text messages, WhatsApp messages, social media messages, and different types of calling systems to keep connected with your partner. However, there are times when it is not really good to message your partner. Here we discuss those situations.

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1) Immediately after your initial or first date:

If your first date went well, then fine. But if it has not gone too well and you have put your partner in an uncomfortable zone, then avoid texting him or her. It is because you may sound desperate to make a move to the relationship but for your partner, it won’t be the same case. Instead, you should wait for the message to come from your partner to know whether they are interested in taking things ahead or not.

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2) During frustrating or angry situations:

If you and your partner had a really bad day and fought over petty issues, then don’t text him immediately or even later. Let things calm down. You can give your partner a day off or probably some days off so that they get things in the right perspective. Giving space to each other is much required for the partners so that they lower their stress levels and realize how wrong they were in judging each other for their drawbacks and flaws.

3) Know if they have a busy schedule or not:

If your partner has been working really busy in his or her office, then know about the same before you text them with many messages. They may have an important meeting or would be busy traveling or talking to a key person in the organization. Seeing your messages of any tone or mood may not go too well with them as you may distract them from their work. So, give your partner the required personal space in their career so that they can complete their important work and then get back to you.

4) Don’t appear clingy or pester them with your messages:

If you miss your partner, then remember the good memories – see some photos and videos of your favorite moments together, write a story or update about them in a diary or social media feeds, and leave it as it is. Do not pester them by calling or messaging them every now and then. As this may make them feel that you are quite possessive and extremely obsessed with their whereabouts. You can give your partner the needed space and time whenever they wish to have as this will make you no less and also help you both sail the beautiful couple journey together with bright hearts.

Finally, ask them if they are okay with the messages or quotes that you keep sending to them on WhatsApp or social media. If they are not okay as it increases their mobile data usage, then just messaging or talking when you both are free would be sufficient to save your relationship.

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