When you are traveling and read the news about an earthquake

TravelWhen you are traveling and read the news about an earthquake


Just recently, an earthquake of 6.3 magnitude struck the Himalayan region near Pithoragarh of Uttarakhand on Wednesday morning and killed at least 6 people and injured 5 people. North India is facing strong tremors from an earthquake lately.

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If you are traveling on a flight or train or bus to a destination and suddenly you start getting calls from your loved ones or updates on your mobile saying that the place where you are going to enter just suffered from an earthquake. What will you do in such a situation? Will you stop your bus then and there and ask for a return journey? Or will you cancel your trip to the earthquake-driven place? Here are some wise tips to save yourself in your travel journey amid the earthquake crisis.

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1) Stop the PANIC button:

You would have amazing imaginations about your travel plan to a particular place, but as soon as you get the earthquake news, there would shivers and anxieties coming up more than normal. You may also feel an ache near your chest area and also a headache to digest the news of the earthquake. But whatever is happening to you, it is your brain that needs to put the command to put a STOP to the panic button. You need to calm yourself down before you understand how grave the situation is.

2) Do not spread rumors or information to others:

You need not react to the earthquake immediately and start passing on the half-baked information that you receive on your mobile. If you are reading about the earthquake reports on the place you are traveling right now, then know what magnitude of the earthquake occurred, how many people it affected, and most importantly, which areas are affected by the earthquake. If the deaths are more, then you can go to the bus driver or train Ticket Collector, or flight air hostess official and alert them about the information that you received and allow them to take the required action.

3) Make a travel plan change:

Even if the place where you are going to stay has not been impacted by the earthquake, you would still get sleepless nights, considering the earthquake happened in that city or state. You can use your backup travel plan by either canceling your travel or changing your location at the last minute. Ideally, if you have a family that gets anxious when they are traveling to such earthquake-hit places, it is better to take them back to your home rather than increase their fears and phobias.

4) Take a break at home:

Home is really a safe and sweet place where you can rest and overcome the traumatic experiences that you faced because of the earthquake news. You can come to terms with reality by taking a break from your office duties and staying back with your family members giving them the courage to face different and odd situations in life. Do not read a lot and also watch the trending news on earthquakes for a while. And also don’t feel sad about the lost money on travel expenses to and fro. I am sure you will realize that life is bigger than money.

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