4 Wonderful Tips to make your Winter Wedding Special

Lifestyle4 Wonderful Tips to make your Winter Wedding Special


With the winter wedding season almost here, there is always a huge hope of enjoying yummy cuisines, and beverages and exploring the different buffet types. As the year ends, so does the wedding season begins. People like to get married during winter than summer or rainy and that’s the reason you may find many wedding ideas of other couples in your WhatsApp messages and email boxes from couples who decide to settle down in the form of marriage. As everything is so comfortable out there due to the good weather conditions that make the couples feel more romantic towards each other. Here are some interesting tips to throw a beautiful winter wedding for your guests.

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1) Select the venue wisely:

The air is humid and there is no dearth of venue options in India and even abroad. If you want to throw an outdoor celebration, there is no shyness among guests to appear in front of you and wish you the best for your wedding. A daytime wedding in a banquet hall or an outdoor celebration on a snowy backdrop in places like Kashmir, Daman and Diu, Kerala, among others can really be a showstopper for your wedding. Make sure to keep the wedding quite decorative and warm for your guests so that they enjoy the celebration when you say “I DO”.

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2) Select a good wedding planner:

You need to hire a wedding planner who understands the need for a winter ambiance. Like the color, tones should be cooler such as dusty blue, peach, and lavender. Also, there can be candles or diyas, fairytale romantic lights, etc. to make the ambiance look cozier and minimalistic too. Lighting really plays an important role in making your wedding look pleasant and pleasurable for your guests and loved ones. You can categorize your guests into party animals, stay-at-hotel guests, people looking for food and beverages, etc. so that you serve each group’s needs as per their choice during all days of your wedding functions.

3) Winter wedding outfits for the bride and groom:

You can explore the local culture and your traditional culture and come up with outfits that satisfy the requirements of both. For example, if you are planning to get married in Kashmir, then you can opt for wearing their local attire on the previous days of your wedding celebration. You can definitely wear your traditional attire during the main functions of your wedding because it respects your traditions and culture and also the elderly family members who will feel proud as you carry ahead their culture of tying the knots. You can even gift some winter attire to be worn for your special guests so that they can be a part of your celebration wholeheartedly.

4) Bring in the entertainment factor in your winter wedding:

Don’t make your winter wedding boring by calling all guests to your venue and just showing them your wedding rituals. You can plan for some pre-marriage events that keep the guests engaged. Something like a projector that shows your and your bride or groom’s childhood to young age photographs and videos with your respective family members. You can also rehearse a speech for your partner that you can share in the form of a video or a live event before your wedding to show your gratefulness.

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