Pro tips for men and women in managing their romantic journeys

RelationshipPro tips for men and women in managing their romantic journeys


For a woman looking for advice to deal with her man:

No wonder woman’s emotionally driven nature makes them quite vocal when it comes to expressing their needs in a relationship

But when it comes to men, that still remains a mystery even in the 21st century. 

So, let’s find out what are the things that men want desperately in a romantic relationship.

Only and only Honesty! Well, men really hate women who don’t reflect their real selves when they are in a relationship. To give you the simplest example, it irks a man if he finds out that his woman’s favorite color is red and she lied to him as pink. It’s just a silly lie you see but for men, that’s not how they look at it!

Know the Advantages of not having Sex

No control, please! Men just don’t like to be dominated or controlled or guided by their partners. Well, even if your written vegetable list is well-thought-out, allow your man to experiment with his tastes when he explores the food market.

Wholehearted acceptance with a big smile! Yeah, that’s what men always want from their partners. So, no more pointing out small or big errors even if they make them knowingly or unknowingly.

Tips to reduce relationship conflicts in your PCOS journey

With these 3 main tips, we are sure your man becomes the happiest person on the planet!

For a single man desperately wanting to settle down:

Turned 20 or 30 and you are still single? Your friends seem to have “true love” or are in the process of getting one, but you are left all alone in the coffee shop staring at your smartphone even while sipping the coffee. 

Well, if you really are in a rush to be in a serious relationship with any random person, hold on! Here are some amazing tips that can help you to put your desperate thoughts “to be in quick love” under control.

Embrace your singlehood and independent self. Look inside you and find out if you have a sufficient bank balance, sound family relations, a stable career, and a healthy lifestyle before your potential partner arrives in your life! 

Find out what are the deal breakers if you meet your right partner just now at the theatre or pub. Do a detailed check with yourself of what you really want and don’t want in your partner.

Last but not least, check yourself if you have a positive attitude or not! In case you get into a relationship with the ideal one, and it doesn’t work for some reason, do you have the courage to take it easy and move on in your life? Find these answers beforehand!

It is really very easy to get attracted to the notions and concept of love from the media and entertainment industry. At times, not indulging in PDA moments and not revealing your relationship status to your social circle will really act as a boon. So, think about it! If you are a man or a woman reading this article, ensure to not get trapped by your relationship but instead, evolve and grow in your love life.

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