How to deal with an insecure husband or spouse

RelationshipHow to deal with an insecure husband or spouse


Husband or partner or spouse or boyfriend – if any of the male figures mentioned here is insecure in your relationship with him, then you are not leading a good or positive romantic connection. So, that needs to be worked upon and you can do that if you manage your own anger and resentment issues.

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It is obvious if you have an insecure partner then you are not going to enjoy your relationship in a smooth manner. There will be jealousy, doubts, and constant criticism to put you and your needs down. But that doesn’t mean you walk away from the relationship saying that you can no longer handle it.

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You need to do a lot of inner work that involves self-awareness, improving your self-esteem, and talking assertively without hurting your partner’s feelings and emotions. If you find your partner to be flawed, remember you are also not completely perfect.

If your partner has 100 imperfections, then if he sits down to count how perfect you are, he can find 110 flaws in you that can really affect your morale and put you down. So, instead of looking at the limitations, it is time to look after the positive qualities that you have both at individual and relationship levels.

You need to put things forward openly with your partner wherein you discuss to give him that assurance that you are always there for him. You need to ask him to tone down his dominance and controlling power so that you can walk freely and also express your feelings without being afraid of his behavior or outcomes.

You can tell him openly that you are dating only your boyfriend or partner and he is the only one with whom you would want to settle down in the long run and there are no second thoughts about the same. If he is quite manipulative with you because he wants your constant attention and affection, then you need to figure that out. 

You need to be brave to confront his insecurities and also ask him to come out of that comfort zone. At the same time, you need to start doing things differently so that your partner feels heard and involved in each and every action of your life. Whether you want to make your life beautiful with your partner or keep scolding him your whole life, is completely up to you.

If your anger is on a higher end and that is something your partner doesn’t like to confront, then lower your voice to resonate with him. You can discuss things with your best friend or therapist if you are not feeling confident in the marriage. 

Communicating your problems in a way that your partner tries to understand your situation will be of some help. Don’t cut your partner’s worries as childish or insane as that will hurt their self-esteem. You cannot change the way your partner imagines or views or perceives a situation just because you don’t agree with the same. 

It takes a lot of time for two beautiful souls to come together on the same page. So, keep working on your relationship goals without giving up.

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