How to travel during the festive season

TravelHow to travel during the festive season


As long weekends and festive holidays of the year are nearing, it is natural for people to plan for mini vacations with their loved ones. Places like Goa, Kerala, Kashmir, Andamans, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and locations in the North East, with Himachal Pradesh along with international destinations like Thailand, Dubai, Vietnam, Bali, Sri Lanka, and select European places are in high demand in the recent days.

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Gandhi Jayanti’s long weekend, Navratri, ICC World Cup 2023, and Diwali are the top trending times when people are actually planning to take that short vacation. However, if you are quite budget-conscious then make sure to pick up only those places where you won’t find the pinch. For example, instead of visiting places out of your state, you can stick to basic travel plans within your state during these holiday seasons.

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Yes, of course, you will find a lot of crowds or rush as everyone plans to explore different places during the festive season. But you can keep your calm if you opt for unconventional modes of transport and avoid the places that naturally will attract huge crowds.

You can follow the simple practical tips mentioned here so that you can enjoy your trip safely and happily. For example, you can book flights that start early in the morning like 4.30am or 5am as that will be quite cost-effective compared to rush hours from 10am to 8pm. You can also opt for bus or road transport to visit nearby places rather than taking the train route.

You can consider downloading travel apps and also the local apps or websites of the places that you are going to visit. This will help you to plan your travel without any disruption because you will know what needs to be expected from each place.

Usually, people make bookings in advance of the transport mode and accommodation as well as the places to visit during the travel some three to four months in advance. This will help to make the most of your budget and also assign work to the necessary people in your absence on both personal and professional fronts.

You can also consider buying travel insurance so that your journey is safeguarded and your important finances are taken care of. If you are contemplating purchasing travel insurance, you can consider factors such as your age, trip duration, luggage cost, time of travel, medical expenses coverage in the state or country you are planning to visit, and also overall cost of the policy.

If there is any cancellation or delay during your travel, then you can think about different alternatives. First, you need to have that peace of mind to consider the delays or postponement as a natural part of your journey and not something that has happened knowingly. You can make two or three alternative plans of what you will do if the country you are planning to visit goes for a shutdown due to XYZ factors. Renting a car is a safe option if public transport gets disrupted. However, staying back home in such extreme situations is much better than roaming outside with no safety.

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