Pathways World School gets Victory: Secures 1st position in School Ranking Survey India.

NationalPathways World School gets Victory: Secures 1st position in School Ranking Survey...


The flagship of the Pathways group of schools, Pathways world schools once again are awarded with the ” best international day cum boarding school” in Delhi. It has been awarded in North India of Gurgaon, Delhi, for 12 years. According to the Education World School Ranking Survey 2023-24 of India, Pathway World School stands at the top. 

Established in 2007, the Education World India school ranking has evolved into the largest school in the world, according to the school ranking survey. It is considered the best primary and secondary school in India. 

Pathway world school 

The Pathways World School is called because of college placements, academic excellence, and robust focus on extracurricular activities from performing arts, technology, design, robotics, coding, and sports. This school also facilitates convenient boarding options for students, from day-to-week school term boarding or fortnight. With these facilities, the Pathway World School makes its legacy as the unparalleled center of learning in the Delhi region and globally. 

Who is the director of Pathway World School 

While getting the award, the director of Pathway World School, Sonya Ghandy Mehta, said, “We are honored to get this award. It shows the excellence and dedication of our educators, students, and staff that helps to shape a brighter future and transformative education.

In this way, we know that this 1st position award is received by the school director, Sonya Ghandy. While taking the award, the middle school principal, Monika Bajaj, is also with the director. The award function is held at the Aerocity, JW Marriot Hotel. Among the 4000 largest schools in the world, Pathways World School stands at the top and gets the 1st position award in this function. 

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The curriculum of Pathway World School 

Pathway World School was referred to as the first school that was launched under the Pathways umbrella in 2003 year. The curriculum of this school includes middle year, primary school, and diploma courses of Geneva International Baccalaureate Organization. This school was the first IB curriculum school in North India and became the first school in the Delhi NCR region to follow the IB syllabus.  

The campus of Pathway World School is located on 32 acres of land on a wooded or elevated site. It is along the foothills of Aravali Hills. It is primarily situated 32 km away from Delhi Airport. This strategic location of the school provides a good environment for students to ensure their academic excellence and well-being.

How does Pathway World School give flexibility to students? 

The Pathway World School give flexible and both-day boarding option to students. Hence, it gives boarding options to students in fortnight, week, or term boarding. The strength of students, according to the latest data, is around 800 + from more than 16 nations. This school is accredited by CIS, the International Bodies Council of International Schools, and NEASC, New England Association of School & college. If you want to get more information about Pathways World School, then you can visit their official website,


According to the India school ranking survey, it is determined that Pathways World School got the 1st position award. It is only possible by the flexible facilities and years of record that they maintain

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