Kerala’s Kozhikode Named India’s First ‘City of Literature’ by UNESCO

NationalKerala’s Kozhikode Named India’s First ‘City of Literature’ by UNESCO


Kerala and the entire country is celebrating Kozhikode’s literary triumph and the city now holds the title of ‘City of Literature’. The journey began in 2022 when the Kerala Institute of Local Administration came up with the proposal. 

UNESCO recognized Kerala’s Kozhikode as India’s first ‘city of literature’, as the city joins the 55 newly announced creative cities. UNESCO forwarded the honor to the Kozhikode Corporation and it’s a pride for the Indian citizens. Beena Philip, Mayor of Kozhikode Corporation says it’s a remarkable achievement for the state as well as for the country. She also says that this achievement is the collaborative effort of individuals and she honors their contributions for the country. 

Kozhikode has conducted several literary gatherings and the Kerala Literature Festival was one of the great events. Tuesday was the World Cities Day and 55 cities joined the Creative Cities Network. UNESCO carried out an extensive research and announced Kerala’s Kozhikode as the India’s first ‘city of literature’. 

There are new additions to the network which features 350 cities from more one hundred countries. The network includes seven creative sections such as Crafts and Folk Art, Design Film, Literature, Media, Art and Music, Gastronomy. India’s literature thus gets a good position in the world and more people will come to know about India’s culture. Indian people will feel the pride and people from every corner of the world will explore Indian literature. It’s time to do more research about Indian literature and you can travel to a new world. 

Time to Discover Indian Literature

Kozhikode is bringing the rich aspects of Indian literature and people will learn different parts of literature. Hence, literature enthusiasts will find it easy to explore different fields of literature and the entire world will admire Indian literature. Once you start searching the Creative Cities Network you will get an idea of why Kerala’s Kozhikode got recognition as the India’s first ‘City of Literature’. Kerala’s people are feeling the pride and they are showing more interest in participating in the literary conferences. 

Exploring Indian literature will help you learn more about Indian culture and you will be proud to be an Indian. It’s time to fee the creative touch and you can access Indian literature online. There are unlimited books, magazines etc. that will help you know about the authors and their creations. 

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Literature Helps in Developing Good Personality

Literature builds an individual’s character and you can explore human feelings in a new way. Indian literature expresses the strong emotions and you can explore a different phase of life. You will enjoy reading the books and you will explore a different world with the amazing characters. There are different categories and you can choose the suitable one. 

How Kerala’s Kozhikode achieved success? 

Kerala Corporation amalgamated with the University of Prague in the Czech Republic which is the first city to earn the same recognition. Ludmila Kolouchova did extensive studies on Indian literature and gained ample knowledge on Indian art, music, and literature. She is one of the prominent students from the University and she loved to learn about Indian culture.

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