Quick tips to help prepare for your school exams

EducationQuick tips to help prepare for your school exams


Exams are nearing for many students who are in their school-level education. Academics is not something that one can master in a quick span of time. You can take the help of private tuition or school teachers if you have any major doubts regarding your various subjects. But there are chances that some queries may remain unsolved due to lack of time and revision schedule. Here are some interesting tips to score well in your school exams.

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1) Prepare a real revision schedule:

Sometimes we think that we can overachieve and score higher marks in exams. So, we think of making a timetable that has a lot of study hours. But that doesn’t work. Even if one day we are unable to achieve the targets of revision, we feel sad and disappointed and it spoils the whole revision schedule. That is why it is suggested that you prepare a revision schedule that is realistic and can be completed by you in a proper timeframe. Each goal when you complete your revision of subjects will become a motivating factor for you to go through another chapter easily and without any major tensions.

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2) Make a revision schedule that is suitable for you:

Don’t follow your friends’ tips and tricks. You have to know what works for you when you are studying for your exams. Maybe you like the early morning hours to study or you may like the late evening hours to revise the subjects. You may also feel more energetic after an afternoon nap. Whatever it is, it has to be your convenience and not based on the suitability of others. This will help you prepare well and score well in the exams.

3) Customize your subject notes as per your understanding:

There may be things that are too heavily worded in your subjects. It may be due to the professor’s understanding is on a high level for that subject. But when it comes to your studies, you need to know what you can memorize quickly. If there can be short notes or a quick list of important concepts in each chapter written by you as a summary, it will be useful for your last-minute academic tips.

4) Check the past exam papers and make a note:

There are several questions that get repeatedly asked in every year’s exams. You can simply jot down the topics and understand them well so that you can reproduce those theories or practical concepts in a better way. You need not mug up as that is a very bad habit. Understanding the concepts of each chapter will help you become more informative and knowledgeable, which will help you to crack the exams well.

5) Take shorter breaks as much as required:

You may have a favorite web series or TV serial or movie clips that you may like to watch for timepass. You may want to laugh and even feel relaxed by watching reels on social media. Whatever entertains you well, use them to watch during the short breaks that you can take between your studies.

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