Why couples are okay with not tying the knot

RelationshipWhy couples are okay with not tying the knot


These days, couples are not only moving into the same house to live in together before marriage but also not rushing things up to tie the knot even after dating for several years. This is a rising trend among celebrity couples and also many urban youngsters are following suit. Celebrity couples, especially those who have set the right examples of being in long-term relationships and not breaking up sooner and neither deciding to settle down in the form of marriage include Hina Khan and her boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal, Rahul Dev and Mugdha Godse, Ashlesha Sawant and Sandeep Baswana, Sreejita De and Michael BP, among others.

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There are several reasons why not just celebrity couples but even common people who are in relationships are not willing to tie the knot sooner:

1) Divorces have become common:

The main reason why celebrity couples and younger couples who are dating for several years are afraid to tie the knot is because of the rising trend of divorce and separation when things are announced officially or are on paper. It is because marriage is considered to be a sacred institution by the Indian society that has its own norms and rules, which people these days are not getting related to. Even if many couples tie the knot thinking that they will break the stereotypes and myths about marriage, society makes them get into the roles of a husband and wife, which they are unable to bear. Thus, people nowadays stay away from marriage and keep dating or living in for many years.

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2) Understanding when not married:

It has been noted that people who get married after dating for several years, find reasons for losing trust, interest, and understanding after their marriage. When they are young, independent, and just a dating couple, they are not exposed to certain rigid situations by their family and neither society, which makes them free to choose and live with their partner the way they want. Once they get married, the next question that arises is to start a family and take care of the family, which many young couples don’t want to focus on due to their hectic careers.

3) Willing to give more space and time:

There was a time when couples used to be quite obsessive and possessive about each other. This used to become more rigid when they used to get married because then they cannot live as per their wishes and also put their needs to the sacrificial fire because they are married now. Thus, couples who are in their dating days put off the question of marriage because they are willing to give each other more space and time to understand themselves and each other well. Also, considering the times have changed wherein it is not just a man’s job to earn a living and not just a woman’s job to take care of the house, both partners are willing to take a step ahead in their careers by focusing on their interests more than settling down in the form of marriage with their partners.

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