Varun Gandhi Rumoured to Join SP, Following Clashes with the BJP

Varun Gandhi Rumoured to Join SP, Following Clashes with the BJP


Varun Gandhi Rumoured to Join SP, Following Clashes with the BJP

Discussions are going on about BJP MP Varun Gandhi joining the Samajwadi Party, who has been raising his voice against his own party’s policies regarding issues related to farmers and youth. Significantly, during the farmers’ movement, Varun Gandhi was continuously attacking the central government on Twitter. Varun Gandhi has raised questions many times regarding the policies of the same Yogi government. According to sources, talks have been held with SP President Akhilesh Yadav and soon Varun Gandhi may join SP.

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There are discussions that Varun Gandhi is going to join the Samajwadi Party after the farmers’ movement is resolved. The Samajwadi Party had raised the issue of farmers opposing the three agricultural laws loudly and with the help of this issue, the SP has also achieved political life in UP. Varun’s inclination towards SP is mainly believed to be issues related to farmers. If sources are to be believed, Varun Gandhi is in constant talks with SP President Akhilesh Yadav in this regard and the process of talks can reach Varun Gandhi’s joining SP at any time.

The main reason for not including BJP MP Varun Gandhi and his mother Maneka Gandhi in the BJP’s national executive is being told that the party leadership’s displeasure with Varun Gandhi. The same Varun Gandhi, regardless of all these things, has been raising his voice against the policies of the government.

Whether it is about farmers’ movement or farmers not getting fertilizers, non-payment of sugarcane or farmers facing the threat of floods or lathi-charge on young candidates, Varun Gandhi attacks BJP’s central and UP government continuously on all these issues. have been speaking. In such a situation, his position in the party is not good. Looking at all these things, the possibilities of Varun Gandhi joining the SP cannot be ruled out.

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Sources claim that Varun Gandhi may announce to join Samajwadi Party even before the UP-assembly elections and possibly this year. Although Varun Gandhi has not given any statement in this regard yet, but he has not denied any kind of discussion about these discussions. It has to be seen whether BJP MP Varun Gandhi, who is attacking his own government, remains in the BJP with his sharp attitude or the discussions of his going to SP prove to be true.

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