Sony PS5 Pro New Leaks Surface Online, Know Details Here!

TechnologySony PS5 Pro New Leaks Surface Online, Know Details Here!


Sony prepares to launch the much-awaited PlayStation 5 Pro, expected to hit the markets during the 2024 holiday season.

According to the leaks from a YouTube channel called Moore’s Law is Dead. The PlayStation 5 Pro, previously referred to as ‘Trinity,’ is designed to enhance your gaming experience.

It aims to offer smooth gameplay at 4K resolution and even has a special mode for those looking to venture into 8K. With advanced ray tracing features, the console promises to deliver more realistic lighting and shadows.

Compared to the standard PlayStation 5, the Pro version is expected to be about 45% faster in terms of graphics processing. The console boasts a whopping 33.5 Teraflops of power, which means it can handle more complex images and animations.

The PS5 Pro is also said to include cutting-edge technology like PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution.

Additionally, there’s talk of a machine learning framework and an AI Accelerator that can handle complex calculations incredibly fast.

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