Things to cross-check if your boss is replacing you

EducationThings to cross-check if your boss is replacing you


If you are unsure and getting mixed feelings after your recent interaction with your boss, then read on. Rapport with a boss or manager at the workplace is of utmost importance. However, if your boss has been smiling half-heartedly and also not sharing important details of upcoming projects at work then there are chances that he is already looking for your replacement. Here are some signs that you can check if you have doubts about your job:

When your boss micromanages your work

1) He doesn’t mark you CC in important emails:

It is from a co-worker or colleague that you get to know about an important upcoming event in your office because your boss just doesn’t CC you anymore. He has stopped mailing you or keeping you in the loop of all the important activities that you were a part of in the past. He doesn’t seem to give you an open explanation of the same and when you inform him that you got to know about a development at the office, he just doesn’t have an answer for the same.

How to deal with an over-friendly boss in the workplace

2) He has stopped addressing you as an important member:

When in a group meeting or when in an interaction with a new client, your boss just has stopped introducing you or even addressing how talented you are as a team member. He just introduces his client to everyone and you now become a part of “everyone” for him. He has no special attention for your work and fails to recognize you even if you show up to any meeting or event before time.

3) He gives excuses when confronted:

Your boss has become a pro of giving excuses to you whenever you ask him if anything is wrong or if is he upset about any of your project outcomes. He just doesn’t have the time to address your issues and sends someone else to attend your meeting or calls. He shows off as if you are no more important to him in all ways and he also makes sure you feel hurt due to his absence in your life.

4) He ensures you to miss out on meetings:

Whenever there is an important meeting or event, you are not invited. You get to know a colleague or team member after the meeting gets over just so that you feel tortured and take the decision to quit the workplace yourself. He uses all his tactics to make you feel unwanted in the workplace and thus, his plots and plans are directed toward making you feel neglected at work.

5) He challenges your work and finds minute mistakes:

When you come up with an idea to improve the work processes, he would challenge your idea and show how impractical it is, although your idea may have some substance. He will keep making you feel low by pointing out small mistakes that you may have done unintentionally and also has no relation to the output. 

If these things are already happening or happened to you, then make up your mind to find a better workplace and a boss because you no longer need to deal with such a toxic boss and inhumane work culture.

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