How to deal with an over-friendly boss in the workplace

EducationHow to deal with an over-friendly boss in the workplace


Got a boss peeking at your laptop at what you are working on when you are not at the desk? Got a boss who waits for you in the canteen area just when you are about to enter to have your lunch or tea break? Got a boss asks you whether you are single or in a relationship or not during your office meetings? Have you got a boss who is too much involved in your family matters and keeps liking all your social media posts? Well, then you are surely having a stalker-like or over-friendly boss that you definitely want to get rid of at the earliest for your career progress. Here are some ways in dealing with the situation.

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1) Be firm in your approach:

If your boss is too over-friendly and wants to be friends with you during work hours and outside the office but you are not interested in the same, then please be firm in your approach. You can simply tell your boss that you are an introvert and wouldn’t like to reveal your personal matters to him and neither find it interesting to have lunch or dinner with him. Your approach should be gentle, subtle, and quite convincing. Don’t ask your boss, “What are you doing here?” when you see him in the canteen near your table. Instead, you can subtly put it that you would be interested to have your lunch alone or only with your work friends and your boss doesn’t come on your work friends’ list.

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2) Repeat your statements but with a smile:

Any sort of aggression or emotional vulnerability you show to the advances of your over-friendly boss, it will be taken in a negative manner. Instead, you can put it simply and clearly to your boss that you just are not interested to have any sort of personal relationship with him even if it is a simple friendship because you consider him as your boss and you are focused on your work more than your boss’s presence in your life. When you put these statements, make sure to smile and make him feel relaxed. He will not come to you again if he finds you confident and assertive in your nature.

3) Don’t confuse work with friendship:

Even if your boss begs to be your friend because he finds you that kind of a person with whom he can hang out during off-work hours, then draw the boundary between friendship and work. Do tell him that outside the workplace, he has the possibility to be considered as a friend depending on how he behaves, but once he and you are inside the office, you will not bring your friendly conversations at work. Draw the rigid line and make it clear and loud to your boss about your thoughts.

And if he is indeed a jerk who follows you to the elevator or cuts your projects just because you are not responding to his friendship calls, then just ignore him. You can focus on your job, get your salary, and do whatever you want in your personal life. The less you give him attention, the less he will keep trying to come closer to you.

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