Why you should not SEEK Relationship Advice from Friends

RelationshipWhy you should not SEEK Relationship Advice from Friends


Relationship advice comes usually first from friends and then from relatives. If a couple has been at odds for quite a long time, it is the friends who get to know the change. It is then the neighbors and then the relatives who come home, again and again, to cross-check if things are fine or running smooth. If you are someone who has been arguing with your wife quite often over petty and serious issues, then ensure to NOT INVOLVE YOUR FRIENDS in your marital life. Know below the reasons for the same.

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1) Your friends will either support you or your wife completely:

If you tell your best friend that your wife has been behaving rudely with you and you are just too irritated with her, then if your best friend knows you well then he or she may support your wife the most. For example, if you tell that your wife has made your life a living hell by always complaining and criticizing your habits, your best friend will take her side and tell you that she is doing right and for your betterment only. On the other hand, if your best friend doesn’t like your wife and knows you not much, he or she will take your side and also join you in spreading more false allegations against your wife. Whatever it is, you are on the losing end because you are still not able to get into the root cause of the reasons why your wife has changed or behaves rudely with you.

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2) You will create more misunderstandings due to your friends:

If you are someone who taunts your wife in front of your friends and your friends also join you in doing the same, you will never get acceptance from your wife for you and your friends. Whatever you do – good or bad, your friends will follow the same and thus, there will be a lot of misunderstandings between you, your wife, and your friends. For example, if you tell your friends that your wife is sick, they will spread the same to more friends who will come to your wife saying that they heard about the marital problems in their friend’s life. This will anger her more and she will just distance herself more from you just because of your friends.

3) You will simply get backlisted from her friends’ groups:

Just because your friends don’t treat her well as you might have shared each and every problem with them, you will also get the same treatment from her friends and relatives. Her friends will simply ignore you for misbehaving with your wife and also they will never recommend you for anything better in life. Even if your wife shares her problems with you and even if her friends have better solutions for a good marital life, the same will never reach out to you because you are just addicted to your friends’ perspectives and nothing else!

Having a good friend in life is the most important thing but if your friend is the reason for your marital discord, then think about it!

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