World Children’s Day 2022: Inclusion for Every Child

LifestyleWorld Children's Day 2022: Inclusion for Every Child


On the occasion of World Children’s Day 2022, the theme is “Inclusion, for every child”. The day was celebrated on 20 November 2022, Sunday all over the world. World Children’s Day was first started in 1954 as Universal Children’s Day. Every year, it is on 20 November 2022 that World Children’s Day is observed to create awareness about and among children all over the globe and improve their welfare by coming together internationally.

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This year’s theme of World Children’s Day aims to create a more equal and inclusive world for children. When you look at different types of children, what do you really feel? Are you someone who is partial or biased towards rich or intelligent children? Doesn’t your heart ache when you visit a dhaba and see a small child bringing a glass of water for you? Doesn’t your head pain when you see a small child begging on the streets, crying in torn clothes, and asking for some money so that he can have one time’s food? 

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Well, children are children – they are in fact the future generations on whom the world depends. We work really hard in our present times just so that our children can be happy in the future. We really don’t expect much from our children considering we don’t want to be a burden on them in their growing-up years. But when it comes to children coming from poor or other caste backgrounds, where does our heart go? Why do we become ignorant and think that poor children deserve such pathetic lives and we are helpless to do anything for them?

Well, each one of us who is educated can just take one poor child from the street or slums and give them free education and wisdom in life. When you do such a small favor that will hardly take one or two weekends time in a month, you will understand how much difference you are making in a poor child’s life. You don’t really expect the poor child to start showering affection on you just like your own child does. But you can really be practical and understand how your one-kind gesture is actually impacting so many children’s lives who are looking for that helping hand in this cut-throat world.

Even if you impart good values among your own children to help other children in their class or tuition who are from poor backgrounds, you will really create a network of some bright students. These students when given equal opportunities to learn and grow in their lives can actually make a bigger change in the world. They can come up with innovations and inventions that even educated people of rich backgrounds cannot imagine about. Think about it!

If you want, you can simply watch the movie Super 30 starring Hrithik Roshan in the lead and how the character changes his mind towards teaching when he hears from a rickshawala that Raja ka beta hi Raja banega! Include children of all backgrounds and communities when organizing any event or seminar and see how togetherness and inclusivity can become a huge changing force in modern times.

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