How to manage your aggressive co-worker

EducationHow to manage your aggressive co-worker


If you are working in a hostile office environment where your co-worker is quite accusing and dominating by nature, then I understand that you are dealing with a tough time. Aggressive co-workers are in every workplace, it is natural to have people at work who are different than us. Especially if their voice is always in high-pitch and they always try to demean you by pointing out your tiny mistakes, you will feel like quitting too at times. But always resigning from your workplace just because of lack of co-ordination from co-workers is not an ideal thing to do. Here are some ways how you can manage your aggressive co-workers:

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1) Talk to them in a calm tone:

Replying with aggression to an aggressive tone is not the right thing to do. You need to bring out peace between you both by changing your approach. Crying when a co-worker accuses or insults you is childish. You can simply reply to their high-pitch tones with confident and assertive answers but in a calming and relaxing tone. The more you apply ice to every fire that they send toward you, the more you are on the winning side. People around you will be really interested and inspired by your calm-down approach.

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2) Speak to HR or your boss:

If the co-worker is someone with whom you work on the same project, then you need to report to your HR or your boss about the delay in work. It is because your HR needs to know where the hidden problems are when they are assigning a project to you. You shouldn’t seem like a person who is bearing it all just for the sake of saving your job. You should seem quite a confident person and at the same time, learn to speak in a convincing tone. You can hire an intern under you and replace the duties that the aggressive co-worker works. You can inform the co-worker that he or she is hampering your smooth work progress and if he still doesn’t budge, then make sure to involve your boss or HR in the discussion.

3) Put down your guns and speak straight:

Many times your co-worker reacts aggressively or in a hateful tone because some part of your behavior irks them. Instead of confusing or increasing their rage more, you can simply talk to them like normal colleagues. You can ask them things straight and not involve any further personal or professional discussions apart from your work. You can speak to them without adding any mirch-masala and also don’t make them feel insecure by your talks. They are also interested in doing their job but it’s their inability to manage their emotions that make it difficult to bond with others.

Last but not the least, if things are really not working between you and your co-worker despite several discussions and changes in behavior, you can simply ask for a change in your project or job duties or department so that you work with that irritating co-worker less and there is peace in the office!

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