How to tell your date that you are falling in love

RelationshipHow to tell your date that you are falling in love


Dating someone and falling in love are two different things. When your date or girlfriend is unaware of what you are up to in your relationship stage, it is time to make her know what she means to you. During your dating days, you can simply talk about how you want your ideal partner to be. But when you are feeling firm about your girlfriend as your to-be wife, it is time to break the ice. Here are some ways how you can express your feelings of love to your date:

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1) Appreciate them often:

When your girlfriend tells you about her personal life or work, make sure you compliment her genuinely for whatever you think she is doing perfectly. If she says she is not beautiful, challenge that belief and convert it into an assertive statement by telling her that she has always been beautiful. If she tells you that she is not getting good job calls, don’t help her write a resume but instead help her know how to get a good recommendation from her earlier gigs. You can also give examples of your well-settled friends of how they faced rejection in their lives and yet moved ahead in their careers. While you guide her, make sure you also appreciate her for how far she has come in her career and life.

2) Gift her what she likes or wants:

The first sign a girl gets to know if the man likes her or not is the way she gets treated. If you remember the tiny things and small moments that she has shared with you, you will surely get an idea of what kind of gift will attract her to you. You can simply make a list of those gifts and even experiences so that she starts getting those love and positive vibes from you about your feelings.

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3) Confess her your deep and dark secrets:

The woman in your relationship needs to know it all before she agrees to be in the relationship with you. If you really want the foundation to be strong in your romantic relationship, make sure you tell her all the dark and deep secrets of your life that you have even hidden from your best friends. Before she says I DO or before you even propose to her officially, this thing has to be done in order to gain her trust and confidence in you as a person.

4) Be up front but not too practical:

Sometimes guys think that dating for a couple of months gives them enough confidence to ask the girl out to spend some cozy time. Well, that doesn’t work for all girls. You can simply ask her consent for intimacy before marriage to know her views. Do not judge her opinions and categorize her into anything. You can simply try to express your love feelings by taking her to romantic and hot movies or probably reading some erotic novels. This will help her open up and share with you what she thinks about intimacy and sex before marriage.

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