What is Free-Spirited?

Concept of the DayWhat is Free-Spirited?


Free-spirited means independent and does not limit themselves by holding onto past beliefs or conventional rules. For example, a free-spirited woman stands up for herself. She thinks and acts in an unrestricted way and doesn’t have anything to worry about or follow any normal rules set by society. In the normally boring world of routine, Heena set herself free and encouraged her free spirit to show her real self to the world. She would always promote that there is nothing wrong if a person is a free spirit because it allows independence in one’s life and makes one more flexible and spontaneous.

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When the director was casting a hero for his film, he wanted someone who would think and act like a child, be free-spirited and show his play behavior on the screen. He rejected serious actors or veteran actors to play the role of the hero of the film because he wanted someone who would show his energy on the screen and be a free-spirited performer. He wanted to cast a debutant who doesn’t get bound to any relationship or aura of being an actor or the stardom that comes with it. The director wanted to cast a person who had an open mind to spontaneity and thus, showed his natural skills on the screen.

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In reality, people want to be free spirits in modern times. While they are dating, youngsters don’t want a partner who is nagging or quite intervening. Free-spirited people who get into relationships want to enjoy some alone time for their own selves. They definitely like to spend quality time with their partners but they want their own freedom to choose the people with whom they want to hang out. Some couples that’s why part ways whenever they find any rules in the relationship that restricts them to have an open mind or explore whatever they find interesting.

Free-spirited people, in general, are those who want to explore life in whichever manner they seem to be perfect or interesting. They always want to satisfy their curious mind that keeps asking about “why” and “how”? Free-spirited people try new things all the time and are not bothered by the judgments that people make about them.

Want to know if you are a free-spirited person or not? Well, if you are someone who doesn’t dress traditionally on religious occasions and has a spiritual outlook in life, then you are a person who doesn’t believe in old rituals and beliefs blindly. You have a reason to have a new lifestyle that is open and has a lot of scope for freedom in life. 

If you have a friend who is quite free-spirited and doesn’t like your constrained or rigid behavior towards them, then understand that they are unique. Your friend just needs shoulders to cry on when they feel sad but they will not be available for you whenever you want. You cannot be possessive about them and ask them to join the same company as yours because they are always on the go and like to keep experimenting in life.

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