How to maintain a good self-image at work

EducationHow to maintain a good self-image at work


Having a good self-image is quite important for workplace and life success. Many times we think earning a high salary and working in a reputed company will automatically give us the needed reputation in life. But that’s not the case always. We need to really put in the required efforts so that our boss, co-workers, employees, support staff, clients, and all other stakeholders in the organization consider as someone who should be given respect and recognition. Here are some ways you can improve your self-image at the workplace in the simplest way.

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1) Focus on your strengths and good qualities:

Many times we tend to think about our weaknesses and keep focusing on the same. This results in negative situations in our lives. However, when we speak highly about good qualities and what we are capable of with our fellow colleagues, and peers, that’s when they gain the trust to give us work and also share the project with us. Say, for example, if you are good at leading a team, make sure your boss or manager knows about the same by mentioning instances in which you led a team and attained goals successfully. This will help you attract more such projects in which you can single-handedly lead teams and also have an eye for the managerial position in a few years of work at the same company.

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2) Be willing to assist others:

Your colleague may really not know about the software error or update that he needs to install on his laptop. Another colleague may really not understand how to deal with a toxic client. While your boss may not know what are the uncertainties hidden in his upcoming project. You can be a helping hand here. You can assist these people when they tell you that they are in a mess. But make sure you do it wholeheartedly without any hidden intentions. Your willingness should be to help them to overcome the struggles that they are in so that when tomorrow if you are in a trouble, you have a support system to rely on.

3) Dress appropriately and professionally:

If you are someone who has not yet focused on your appearance and looks because you think no one notices you, then you are completely wrong. If you dress to impress others, then surely people will take inspiration from your professional attire. You need to keep your clothes in good shape and chose professional colors. Don’t dress as if you are going to a party or a funeral. But dress in a manner on a daily basis so that if there is a client meeting or if your boss checks in on you as a surprise visit, you are always ready to get into professional discussions because of your confident attire and courageous attitude.

4) Have bigger goals for yourself:

When people talk to you at the workplace, they should think that they are talking to someone who has bigger ambitions in life. Don’t give mediocre work. Ask questions to your boss or manager whenever required and also be willing to upgrade yourself with new skills and competencies on a timely basis.

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