Google introduces AI-supported Smart Compose to Chat

BusinessGoogle introduces AI-supported Smart Compose to Chat


Technology company Google’s workplace-focused Slack’s alternative communication platform called Chat has recently added Smart Compose to its list of interesting features. Smart Compose is a machine learning-based predictive text system that allows users to write using customized phrases and words. The feature initially was introduced in Google Docs and Gmail. The amazing feature helps users to complete sentences easily by allowing them to add phrases and words with just one click.

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Google in a blog post wrote how the assistive tool is combined with smart replies and recommends short replies to messages. This feature allows users for quicker communication so that they can focus on their projects and different conversations in an effective and efficient manner. 

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As of now, Smart Compose is accessible in languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian. The feature will be made available to all users from 11 July 2023. Google announced that the feature will be automated by default and will be made accessible in both Personal and Business accounts.

According to Google, the feature will help users to communicate quickly and focus on their important priorities. Smart Compose will reduce the stress of replying to long emails and the wastage of productive time in workplaces will be cut off.

These days, many technology companies are coming up with new features in their existing apps and business models so that the world moves faster than before. There is a lot of innovation in terms of working, learning, communicating, and living. This is due to the fact that the future landscape of business or life has to undergo changes in order to create a better place for everyone to live in.

However, at times, many sudden innovations also make people who are not IT-friendly to learn and compete with others. It also leads to sudden dropouts of layoffs in companies wherein people with no or less IT knowledge are asked to leave the workplaces so that the newer generations get jobs.

There are both positive and negative sides of the same coin. Similarly, every innovation brings with it a set of challenges for people to overcome the same. When more AI-driven technologies are becoming a trend, more people are also worried about the existing jobs that required them to put manual work like typing, writing, and making decisions based on human emotions and intelligence.

When companies introduce such latest features, they should make it an option for others to use or not use instead of making a compulsory upgrade to newer systems. This will cut down on the unnecessary trauma that common people have to go through when they don’t get themselves upgraded as per the evolving technologies.

It will also allow small and medium businesses to grow at their own pace rather than investing a lot of money on technologies to upgrade themselves. It will also reduce corruption and effective management of human resources which are the assets of any organization over technology. Responsible AI and empathetic use of technology will have to come into the picture in the contemporary world.

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