PK’s formula, let the pitch belong to stronger

PK’s formula, let the pitch belong to stronger


Lucknow: Political strategist Prashant Kishore has to fight a ‘monster’ that he created once. He has to make another formula that should be much more powerful than the previous one. The new formula of PK says, let the pitch belong to stronger. That means once again he will try to reunite the opposition as he knows that congress itself can’t stop the triumph run of the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) with the face of Narendra Modi. 

Recently PK met with congress’s top guns. He also gave a presentation before them, that he loves. One of the sources says that Prashant is of the idea that all the regional parties should fight bravely on their own battlegrounds. Congress shouldn’t interfere in their working style. Whereas congress should target the seats that it could win. It will be a big task, but surely need to be done. He floated the idea that elections couldn’t be won in 5-6 months working. It needs time and a continuous approach to reach up to the people. Another source said that, Prashant said that people are talking that whole of the country has been painted saffron. The idea is false. As BJP has only, 303 seats by his own and 353 with alliance. There are 543 seats total so, there are 190 seats with the opposition. Congress has the largest share. If oppositions could manage just 80-85 seats battle is of them. Though it is not easy but can be done. Prashant there shared some details where the BJP or its alliance partners were able to win because the opposition was fighting within themselves.

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Prashant on the herculean task

Before 2014, there were a little few who knows Prashant Kishor well. After BJP got the clear majority first time, people came to know that the campaign which lead the BJP to glory, was designed and executed by him. Soon after the elections, he left BJP and went against it in Bihar. United Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar there with congress and created the history again. There are many success stories of PK as elections continues in the country and states. Though everything didn’t went OK when he was planning for congress in UP Vidhan Sabha elections, in 2017. After the elections, in a press conference once Prashant said, ‘I have equally good relationships with Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi. Though I have decided that I will not work for congress in future. As I don’t want to spoil my relationships.’ It is past. The present and future says that PK is finding his way in congress. He wants to join full time politics. He wants to make opposition stronger enough under the umbrella of congress. Really it is going to be a herculean task for him. Though he established many relationships with political giants of the different states, but it would be a hard task for him to call them all to a single platform as most of them are not comfortable with each other. 

G-23 and PK

On Shri Krishna Janmashtmi, there were discussions that Prashant Kishore could join congress anytime. Everything has been finalized. All the leaders who are said to be unhappy with the working style of Congress (G-23) had their eyes on the development. They called a meeting at the house of former minister Kapil Sibbal, who is also a member of the same faction. After the meeting, there was news that many of them are not happy with the lateral entry of PK into the party. This time too G-23 is in the situation of wait and watch but it is sure that if such developments will take place, they will open their fronts against PK. In nutshell, it is not going to be easy for Prashant Kishor.

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Results with congress remained in questions

If we recall the association of Prashant Kishor with congress, then we find that it has always been in question. The experts are of the view that Congress can’t keep its planning secret, so the opponent could easily recounter them. Irrespective to congress, others may do their work silently and with discipline. If Prashant joins congress or works for the grand old party of the nation then his skills will be tested soon in Gujrat, BJP’s own battle ground.

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