Not getting enough sleep? Or struggling to dose off, please read this

HealthNot getting enough sleep? Or struggling to dose off, please read this


Sleep is very underrated, we all feel like reading a little more, watching that last episode of the current series and sometimes attending to friends’ calls, make us stay awake. But trust us, a healthy sleep routine is very important for a healthy mind and body. If you are unable to fall asleep every night please watch over and avoid these few habits.

Changing sides frequently trying to hit that comfortable spot on the pillow while struggling to keep the eyes shut? You are not alone in this. Many people go through this because of the bad lifestyle we have but it can be mended with small changes in the routine.

Getting 8 hours of sound sleep is as essential as having a balanced diet and working out regularly to keep fit.

Interrupted or disturbed sleep is due to some of our habits before bed but these can easily be fixed.

Using your smartphone or other gadgets before bed

We all have a love-hate relationship with our mobile phones. We know it strains our eyes, gives us a headache but we find it difficult to stay away from it. This habit has now become common across children of all age groups and even older adults who just can’t keep their eyes off the bright mobile screens. One should definitely consider setting a reminder to keep your phone aside at least one hour before bedtime and go to sleep.

Eating dinner right before sleeping

Eating dinner just before sleeping can be too uncomfortable and leads to slow digestion and calls in for extra efforts for the body to digest food in an inactive body the entire night. Heavy and fatty meals that are high in calories may take time to digest and cause discomfort, hence It is best to avoid late-night meals and eat before 8 pm.

Caffeine and alcohol

You should reconsider your craving for that one serving of wine or some hot tea before bed. Alcohol can lead to struggle in falling asleep. Also, caffeine, in any form, also leads to active mind and troubles in sleeping.

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