Are you Single? Here is how you can celebrate Singlehood

RelationshipAre you Single? Here is how you can celebrate Singlehood


Being single is considered to be a blessing in the 21st century than a curse. Well, there was a time when single people used to feel left out or thought that they are sick or mentally unstable, which is the reason they didn’t settle down in their lives. But now we live in modern times wherein singlehood is believed to be a “happening” thing than being in a relationship. Many couples out there date, get married, and then quit their marriages after 10 to 15 years of living together because they feel they have outgrown the concept of marriage in the world. 

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More people want to stay single rather than stay in committed relationships with others. This may be due to several reasons but people nowadays are considering singlehood as one of the best options for their lives than getting married. If you are a single person out there, here are some ways you can spend your life without feeling too bored or lonely.

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1) Have a really good social circle:

Whether you want just friends or friends with benefits depends on the culture and background that you come from. But having a good social circle is always useful because you can share with your best friends all that is happening in your life and also be a part of their lives. You would get to spend more quality time with your friends because you have no one back home waiting for you to have dinner or sleep with. You can also roam around with your friends and fulfill your travel desires. You can also work together in the same office or industry if you have really good and like-minded friends.

2) Enjoy each day as if you own it:

As you are not in any committed or romantic relationship, there is no interference by others on what you do, how you want to spend your future, what about future security, etc. You own your life and you can live it and design it the way you want. You have all the freedom when it comes to taking decisions and thus, you are really free as a bird who can fly higher and with an open mindset. As there is no partner, there are no expectations or pressure put on you to fulfill someone’s desires. You can simply walk towards your goals and have your own schedule to live your life.

3) Save for yourself and spend for yourself:

As there is no better half or kids in your life, you can earn as much as you want and also spend it with a carefree attitude. You can save the remaining amount for your future expenses. You have no liabilities and that’s the best part of being single in life. Singledom comes with a lot of benefits as you can buy luxurious items without feeling guilty and also satisfy your cravings for shopping or watching movies or any other hobby without feeling threatened or fearful.

Happy Singlehood! Be as you are and share your happiness and peace with the world!

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