Know the extended weekends from January to July 2023

TravelKnow the extended weekends from January to July 2023


As we say bye to 2022 and welcome 2023, we need to know beforehand what is in store for us in 2023. You will be surprised to know that there are 16 extended weekends or holidays in 2023. Yes, you right it absolutely right! If you plan smart, you can use the 16 mini vacations for your use to either spend quality time with your family members or stay back at home and just relax! There are 5-6 day holidays in March, April, and August 2023. Check out the whole list of long weekends in 2023.

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1) Saturday, 31 December 

Sunday, 1 January – New Year’s Day 

You can take a leave on 2nd January 2022, Monday and make it a 3-day vacation to spend at home or roam around.

2) Friday, 13 January – You can take a leave from your work as you get the coming 2 days as weekend and festive time. You can go to your native village, celebrate the religious festivals and also be back by Sunday night to resume work on Monday, 16 January morning.

Saturday, 14 January – Lohri

Sunday, 15 January – Pongal

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3) Thursday, 26 January – Republic Day 

Friday, 27 January – If you take this day off, then you get 2 more days as the weekend comes. You can either visit religious places or visit any part of India where you will find enthusiasm about the celebration of being an Indian.

Saturday, 28 January

Sunday, 29 January

4) Saturday, 18 February – Mahashivratri 

Sunday, 19 February

Many companies have off on Saturdays as paid leave while many don’t. If you get this Saturday as an optional holiday for Mahashivratri, then take it as a chance to visit Lord Shiva temples locally or outside your state. You can also be a part of the biggest Mahashivratri festivals held all over India and the world.

5) Wednesday, 8 March – Holi

Thursday, 9 March – Take the leave

Friday, 10 March – Take the leave

Saturday, 11 March

Sunday, 12 March

If you take 2 days’ leaves on Thursday and Friday, then you can go on an extended vacation with your loved ones. You can consider visiting Mathura, Nashik, or Arunachal Pradesh and see the amazing celebration events out there on the occasion of Holi.

6) Tuesday, 4 April – Mahavir Jayanti

Wednesday, 5 April – Apply for leave

Thursday, 6 April – Apply for leave

Friday, 7 April – Good Friday

Saturday, 8 April

Sunday, 9 April

While most people really don’t have Mahavir Jayanti as a holiday in their offices but giving a leave on Good Friday is a must in several organizations. Whatever may be the case, you can apply for 2 days of leave in April and see how you can go on a mini vacation to Kashmir, Rishikesh, Mussoorie, or Manali to enjoy the winter times as it departs from May 2023 to welcome the rainy season.

7) Friday, 5 May- Buddha Purnima

Saturday, 6 May

Sunday, 7 May

You need to check your office calendar if you are getting an off on Buddha Purnima. If yes, then don’t mind booking a mini trip to your favorite place. You can consider visiting Buddhist temples nearby or in India and also enjoy some exotic locations.

8) Thursday, 29 June – Bakri Eid

Friday, 30 June – Take the leave

Saturday, 1 July

Sunday, 2 July

As you welcome the rains in June 2023, you will be a little doubtful to travel outside. You can simply stay back at home and enjoy bhajjiyas and hot coffee seeing the rainfalls outside. 

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