How to travel if you are feeling sick

TravelHow to travel if you are feeling sick


Traveling for personal or business or fun purposes seems difficult if you have fallen sick or are recovering from an illness. Be it a common cold or cough, or major problems like heavy periods or fever, traveling with sickness in public transport or flight is not an easy thing to do. However, if you are in an unavoidable situation and have to travel anyhow and cannot cancel your travel, here are some tips to manage your health.

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1) Consult a good doctor before leaving for the trip:

It so happens that many times we live in an illusion that home remedies can help us and that we don’t need medicines. However, this idea doesn’t seem to work when you have to travel outside your home for a short trip or a long trip. That’s why it is always better to tell your doctor about your travel plan and ask him or her how you can travel and manage the symptoms of your sickness. The doctor may suggest you some medicines and also give you ideas of how you can take rest at regular intervals. Once you have the approval of the doctor, you can travel with a cool mind.

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2) Break the journeys into smaller ones:

If you have to travel to a long-distant place, it is obvious that the traveling hours will be more than usual. It is better if you take a couple of break journeys and book a hotel or lodge to rest for a while and then take another trip to reach your destination. It is always better to take slow steps especially when you are sick rather than push yourself too much. The break journeys will help your health to recover from exhaustion and tiredness and also give you the needed relaxation.

3) Eat foods that are healthy:

At times, we get into the habit of eating junk food while we are traveling. Yes, the samosas, vada pav, and even the pizzas, and burgers will appear exciting for us. However, avoiding them for your health purpose is good, so that you don’t vomit them out due to your sickness. Usually, when we are not keeping well, our immune system is at its lowest. So, it is always better to keep a liquid and low diet that doesn’t require many spicy or masala items. You can keep drinking homemade juices or tea or coffee at regular intervals to keep you awake and also fresh.

4) Check out for cleaner restrooms:

It so becomes that when you are sick, you would require to go to the washrooms more than usual. So, stop by places where the restrooms are cleaned regularly and also look hygienic. It is always better to carry paper soaps and sanitizers because they won’t be available outside every restroom compulsorily. So, carrying yours will ensure that your hands are clean and sanitized once you are out of the restroom.

Take your prescribed medicines on a timely basis. Set alarms or reminders if you are traveling alone and don’t have someone to look after your needs. Keep your mind cool by listening to soothing songs so that you don’t get panicked during your journey.

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