Tips to improve the inability to cooperate with co-workers

EducationTips to improve the inability to cooperate with co-workers


Your team members or co-workers at your workplace play the most important role in shaping your career and also helping you attain success. If you don’t share cordial relations with any or all of your co-workers then you are inviting more trouble to your work life. It is because your co-workers if not agreeing with you at a personal level, can ensure that you don’t go ahead in your professional life without their support. Here are some ways how you can overcome your inability to cooperate with your co-workers:

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1) Talk to them in a polite tone:

If you announce that you are planning to go on a vacation during the winter season, and they scold you for taking the leave whether paid or unpaid, then you can sense that there are many unsaid grudges against you. Instead of showing your anger to them, you can talk to them in a polite manner and convince them why it is essential for you to go on leave due to XYZ reasons. You can also opt for being available for work for some hours of the vacation whenever you are not traveling or not visiting any attractive place. This will put their hot mind to cool down and they will also share with you their list of items they would want you to get for them.

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2) It’s not always your way or their way:

When things get difficult to work on a project or a task together, don’t push your boundaries, and neither expect them to push theirs. You can consider each other’s boundaries and respect them. You can find a middle ground wherein everyone is in a win-win situation and does not fight over petty issues. You need to be a calming person in the group rather than a fighter who always creates a mess at the workplace and adds more negativity.

3) Slow down when required:

If your co-workers are unaware of a particular skill that you are a master at, don’t mock or tease them for their lack of knowledge. Same way, if you are getting mocked for not knowing something, don’t take their criticism personally. Work together as a team spirit and also slow down whenever you feel that your co-workers are getting stressed due to your speed of work. You can use some other tools to handle the work load rather than taking all on your plate or putting everything on theirs. Manage the work like a pro and not like a slave and that’s when you will find smiling faces in your team rather than stressed-out slaves.

4) Take it easy when they boss over you:

At times, some co-workers have a dominating personality and show as if they know it all. It doesn’t mean you have to quit the workplace just become some members question your ideas of work or personal life all the time when you are with them. You can simply ignore their comments with a smile and also reframe your thoughts into positive ones whenever they try to make it difficult for you to work and even take a break.

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