How to travel and do your office work simultaneously

TravelHow to travel and do your office work simultaneously


Traveling to a destination and also staying committed to your office work is quite a difficult job. I am sure you would have applied for leave or off from work but due to professional reasons, your company must have canceled your leave and still asked you to report to work from wherever you go on those specific dates. If you are someone who has office work to be done along with traveling to a particular place for personal reasons, then here are some tips on how you can manage both.

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1) Inform your manager of your log-in and log-out timings:

Your manager is the key person who would ensure that your office work doesn’t get compromised while you still do not report to your office desk and keep doing your office work from elsewhere. So, instead of creating confusion about how you will complete the work or when you will be available to your manager, it is better to inform him or her in advance. You can also request him to be flexible with the timings because probably if there is a delay in the flight or your internet connection gets interrupted in the hotel or outside, your manager still can get the work done from the support team.

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2) Don’t hurry and don’t worry as well:

If you are traveling with your family and have committed to your manager that you will be available in the afternoon time for office work while everyone is asleep, you need to ensure that such a thing happens. If your manager doesn’t see you online or doesn’t get the given work on time, I am sure you will start getting unwanted calls during your family or ME time. So, don’t increase your manager’s tensions and at the same time, don’t rush to work or try to get some family time during your work hours. You need to give instructions to your family and friends clearly that there will be some hours when you would be simply not available to their needs and wants. This will make you less hurried and worried during your off-working hours.

3) Speak to the hotel officials about your internet requirements:

If you are going to stay in a hotel or a relative’s place for some days, make sure you speak to them clearly about what are your internet requirements. If there is a speed issue, you need to tell your office that you are struggling to be at pace with them. Without proper communication, nothing works. So, probably they can give you fewer MB files or some work that you can still manage to do with poor connectivity. Don’t show your anger on any of them if things don’t go your way. You can ask your colleague to be your support system and take on your extra work along with his work in your absence and you can guide him to complete the same.

Practice gratitude to one and all. It is quite obvious that family and friends don’t like it when you keep talking on the phone about your office matters. Same way, your boss may not like it if your kid keeps interrupting the Zoom meeting with his toys. So, know to balance and always express your thankfulness to one and all for supporting you in whichever they can to ensure that you are completing both your personal and professional duties on time.

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