How to become a Mindful Traveler

TravelHow to become a Mindful Traveler


Have you done mindless traveling? Well, it is nothing but traveling just for the sake of it, not enjoying the trip, and just spending enough money thinking that you are the king. But when it comes to mindful traveling, it is making a conscious decision about exploring a place. Conscious traveling or mindful traveling involves decisions of different kinds on where you will stay, what attractive activities you will be taking part in, which products and services you will use to make your journey safe and smooth, what type of goods you will buy, and how you will behave with the local people out there.

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Don’t get confused between mindful traveling and miser traveling. Mindful traveling in no way is taking away your freedom or reducing the number of places you had planned to visit. But it is just about asking yourself what you want to do and where you want to travel and how many places you want to explore in the travel journey as possible. It is becoming more of a global citizen who doesn’t compare a hotel with a home and vice-versa.

Closet conscious?

Mindful traveling involves you thinking that every place you live in is a home and you take the responsibility to grow your nation and culture. You leave memories behind in every place as if they are your own and do not mistreat or discriminate against the local people based on religion, caste, etc. You develop a feeling of compassion and understanding when the shopkeeper at a local place charges you some amount for his handicraft. You, in fact, take to your social media feeds and share your feedback in a positive way about the shopkeeper and his products or services without expecting anything in return.

You pack your bags wisely and take only those clothes that you really would be wearing. You would not waste plastic items on the roads and instead, keep them all in a bag to dispose of them in a garbage bin when you see them. You respect the local people and local culture and do not accuse them of not fulfilling your expectations in terms of your stay or food. You are quite disciplined by nature and do things in a timely manner.

So, when you have booked a cab to board a destination, you be there on time. You don’t delay the cab driver’s time and money and act too over-smart. You understand the emotions of even animals like dogs or cats who come to you when they see you eating something. You explore places, not just that are popular but also can help to improve the living standards and economy of a particular place.

You prefer to visit places that are environmentally friendly and also act as a responsible tourist by not affecting those places with your garbage bags or stuff. You ensure that whatever you eat at a hotel doesn’t get wasted much and instead, you order only that much that you can intake. When you take care of these small habits and are more mindful in even spending and saving during your travel, you can evolve as a conscious traveler in the long run.

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