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TravelAmazing facts about Sathyagala


Sathyagala, also called Sathegala is a village in Karnataka. You may wonder why are we discussing this village which hardly has thousands of people living (read 12503 as per the 2001 census of India). But the idea is that you get acquainted with rural India as much as you feel like exploring international destinations. So, back to Sathyagala, what is it famous for? 

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Sathyagala or Sathegala is popular for the stay of the Sri Vaishnavite Guru Vedanta Desikan from the 14th century. The spiritual Guru came to Satyagala village to save special manuscripts such as the Sruti-prakasha, which is a commentary on the Sri Bhashya of Ramanuja from the Muslim invaders to Srirangam in the year 1327.

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Swami Desikan lived a comfortable life at Sathyagalam wherein he meditated, did Aradhanam, and wrote and delivered Kalakshepams on Sri Bhashyam. Swami Desikan had the unique quality of giving Kalakshepams on Sri Bhashyam more than 30 times, an achievement that no one has yet been able to match. Living in Sathyagala, he is also believed to have written several books and the famous one being ABHITISHAVA. It is said that the book’s recitation can remove all types of fear in one’s life.

The village came to prominence for having a temple for Sri Varadharaja Swamy called Kote Varadharaja Perumal. There is one more ancient temple called Madhyarangam, which has Sri Renganatha Swamy as the main Deity.

There are also two dargahs on the road to Shivanasamudram waterfalls, one that is decorated in the open courtyard with 3 surrounding buildings and a place for devotees so that they can rest for a while and also sit to have their food. There is also a village school that has a tree worship temple with a huge ancient tree nearby it. The village has two schools called Sathyagala School in Handpost junction, and Government primary school in Agrahara.

Let us delve deeper to know about the Sathyagalam Temple. We got further details from a website maintained by a devotee on Sri Kshetram of Sathyagalam. In one of the information, it was mentioned that Swami Desikan on his tour to Karnataka graced the village temple for 12 long years. The Sri Kshetram of Sathyagalam has a temple for Lord Kote Varadharajar, His Consort Perundevi Thayar and a sannidhi for their most famous patron, Swami Desikan. It is believed that the deities dropped to Sathyagalam and converted into idols- in simple terms, it means they were “Swayam Vyaktam” (i.e. they unveiled themselves) in the Kshetram, which is nothing less than a miracle.

It is also said that the temple has been intact for 700 years despite the good and bad times. The infinite blessings of Swami Desikan and Perumal, and other idols of deities are all in good shape and maintained well by the Kshetram.

Wondering how to travel to Sathyagalam? Well, the village is located in the dense jungles of Kollegal, which is 125 km away from Bengaluru in Karnataka. You can take any train that goes to Mysore and Bangalore and get down at Maddur, from where any taxi or bus can lead you to Sathyagala.

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