How to reduce Monday-related stress in life

LifestyleHow to reduce Monday-related stress in life


“Oh my God, it is going to be Monday tomorrow”, said Rishi to his wife who was packing his bags to take a short trip for relaxation. His wife encouraged Rishi to not stress over Monday and take the trip and come back by evening. Rishi was stressed as he hated Mondays to the core. He wanted to live life to the fullest but whenever he saw the calendar and the day MONDAY, he became anxious.

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The anxiety was because his boss and his team members would yell at him due to the low traffic of the website on weekends. Rishi used to work as an uploader on a website that published updates on politics and business. Rishi wanted to run away from his job and even his personal life. You may wonder why Rishi’s personal life was at stake. Because of his mother-in-law who would visit his home every Monday morning to meet her grandchildren and take their tuition.

In several conversations, Rishi’s mother-in-law used to be quite strict with him and made him cut down his expenses to a major extent because he was the only earning member of his family. This made Rishi hate MONDAY and thus, he developed anxiety related to the first day of the week i.e. Monday. It is not just Rishi but several people out there hate Mondays and refrain from going to college or the office due to several reasons known to them. Here are some ways how you can consider Monday just like any other day in your life.

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1) Change your inner dialogue:

Whenever you see the Monday in the calendar, start changing the inner conversations that happen in your head. Think of Monday as the new start of the week and how it is good to make fresh beginnings. Don’t remember about your past Mondays that were full of anxiety, stress, or depression. Don’t remember the insults that you faced on Mondays. Don’t think that life is too hectic because Monday has started. All these negative thoughts have to be challenged and you need to have a new dialogue wherein you embrace Monday as a new beginning in your work and life.

2) Stop considering work as a burden:

The moment you think that your job is an opportunity in your life, you will change. You will stop hating your job or your boss who asks you to prepare or present the weekly reports. Monday has to be considered a day wherein you are taking the responsibility to change your life for the better. You are taking Monday as a challenge to grow in your life and become a better person. When you think along these lines, that’s when you will reduce your resentment and hatred towards the first day of the week – MONDAY.

3) Relax as much as possible on Saturday:

If you have a weekly off or not, you can take a relaxation break on Saturday evening as much as you want. Do your favorite activity on Saturdays and keep your mind engaged in the hobbies. This will reduce your anxiety that comes when Sunday gets over and thus, your anger towards Monday will eventually come to an end.

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