5 Interesting Places You Must Visit In Your Student Life

Travel5 Interesting Places You Must Visit In Your Student Life


If you are a student, be it school or college or university, or a student for life, I am sure you will have the travel bug inside you to explore different places. Here we list out some places that will surely help you to meet new people and also shape you as a human being. One day when you look back, you will feel proud of having got the time to go to different places when you had the time and money before joining your workplace.

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1) If you are a Bollywood fan, then going to Manali should be definitely there on your list. Whether you go alone or with your college friends, make sure to check out the beautiful mountains, take part in adventure activities such as rappelling, paragliding, and visiting the Great Himalayan National Park.

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2) Try out the bike trip to Leh. Once you are going on an all-boys group or all-girls group, you will not feel insecure or unsafe in taking to the road. The road trip is worth memorable if you or your friend has a Royal Enfields. The trip would give you many memories including glacial melts, snow-capped mountains, and tea stalls to give you the needed energy to keep going ahead.

3) Going to Ladakh will be an amazing experience because you won’t get to explore this place every now and then. That’s why it is a must to visit at least once in your lifetime. You can check out Pangong Lake and also experience the cotton candy clouds that will come over you and also try the Yak Safari with your group of friends.

4) If you have any sins then get them washed away in Ganga Ji. Well, sins may not be really a criminal ones but some mistakes that you would be doing unknowingly and causing harm to others. You can go on rafting on the roaring Ganga rapids and also check out the adventure sports operators in Rishikesh to get your reservations for the raft and tent nearby the riverside. 

5) You are doing something majorly wrong with yourself if you haven’t visited Mumbai when you are young. Mumbai is the city of dreams, a place where Goddess Mahalakshmi blesses all the visitors and ensures that no one person sleeps in hunger. That’s the power of Mumbai since then till now. When you travel in Mumbai’s local trains, you will get to know the realities of the world that will help you to know what is life really all about and why is not that easy-peasy always. You will also get a chance to spot some celebrities here and there if you visit film city or posh locations of Mumbai.

Once you are out of college or university life, you will not have the resources and even the required time to just hang around here and there. That’s why when you are a student, grab the opportunity to travel to different places, learn the local cultures, increase your knowledge and even become bold and smart. You never know how your life will turn out to be with these travel experiences and wisdom.

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