Chandigarh varsity campus on fire after offensive videos of female students go viral

NationalChandigarh varsity campus on fire after offensive videos of female students go...


Chandigarh: The Chandigarh University campus saw massive protests late Saturday night when reports of suicide attempt by a girl student over the circulation of objectionable videos went viral. The university management, however, denied that any girl student trying to commit suicide. They said that a student had collapsed during agitations.

According to reports, three students complained to the hostel warden that a female hosteller had allegedly made objectionable videos. No sooner had the news about the circulation of the alleged video clip gone viral the students got angry and launched protests.

Massive protests erupted at the campus of Chandigarh University, one of the biggest private varsities in Punjab, late last night after reports of a suicide attempt by a girl student allegedly over the circulation of objectionable videos. The university has denied any suicide bid claiming a student had collapsed during protests.

The media reports said that a female student who had made those videos shared them with other students. The video clips were uploaded on the internet. It also came to light that she made objectionable video clips of several female students. The girl reportedly sold those video clips for money, and the incident went public when she was caught red-handed at the time of making the video. The police said that an FIR had been registered and the student concerned arrested. No suicide case was reported in connection with the incident, the police further said. According to university officials, no objectionable videos have so far been found. The agitators alleged that the university management was trying to cover up the case.

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