Sunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: Everything happens for a reason

Sunshine SundaysSunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: Everything happens for a reason


Have you ever imagined yourself in a tough situation? Well, if you already are in a challenging problem then read on. When we are having events in our lives, we tend to think that life is so good. But when a problem arises, we lose our cool. We really don’t like the situation and even the people around us who come with a problematic face. We at times even avoid them thinking that we would have been far better if they were not in our life. But at times, we really cannot get such a rosy situation. We have to face the challenges boldly and bravely. We have to make our minds understand that – Everything happens for a reason and there is a hidden opportunity behind every problem that comes with it.

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Take for example Anita, a common woman who had a secured job in government. Any person who works in the private sector would adore Anita’s job. But Anita wasn’t really happy with what she was doing in her life. Moreover, when her mother-in-law asked her to resign from the job after her first child was born, Anita was disturbed. It was not that Anita was happy with her job but she had family responsibilities to fulfill and her husband’s private job was not sufficient to meet their needs.

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Anita decided to fight with her in-laws amicably to keep up with her job. As Anita evolved and retired after working 38 years in her job, she looked back and thanked her in-laws for making her brave and bold and also to take a stand. Anita decided that her two children shouldn’t suffer like her and that’s why she would always argue with them about their decisions.

Her intention was not to add negativity to their lives but to make them courageous to be firm in their decisions. When Anita’s second daughter got married, she faced a lot of difficulties in managing her household and financial responsibilities. But seeing Anita’s fighting and never-give-up attitude, after 5 years of her married life, Anita’s daughter became strong-minded and developed a never-ending willpower. 

When Anita’s daughter shared with her mom how she fought all the odds to keep her job and also take care of the family, Anita really felt proud. She thanked her in-laws in her mind for teaching her how to live a life, which she passed on to her daughter as well. That’s why they say that everything happens for a reason and Anita realized this life lesson when she looked back at her life of 70 years. 

In your life, you will find and meet many people who may or may not like you. Some people are really friendly with you and give you good memories but when some people act weirdly and give you tough situations to handle, just don’t curse them. Instead, consider them to be an opportunity for you to grow and evolve in your life. I am sure when you keep moving ahead in your life, you will realize that whatever reasons were there to face the sourness in your life, they were just meant to help you develop and maintain a healthy attitude and positive thinking towards your life.

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