What is Commitment Phobic?

Concept of the DayWhat is Commitment Phobic?


Commitment Phobic is the fear of commitment. It is also called Gamophobia, which means a person who suffers from this phobia has the fear of long-term relationships. Gamos is the Greek word for wedding. Phobic or Phobia means fear. Know here the signs that you may be suffering from commitment phobia or gamophobia. 

When fear keeps you away from moving ahead in your career

If you are having gamophobia, then you don’t want to get into serious relationships. Even if you date a couple of girls or guys, you don’t want to take the dating ahead and are looking just fun. You don’t foresee the future of your relationship even if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend. You are someone who always questions the quality of your relationship. You don’t involve your girlfriend or boyfriend in making any future plans. You don’t have any emotional attachment even if your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t text or seen you for several months. You feel uncomfortable when your partner wants to meet your parents or relatives or best friends. 

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You start making excuses when your partner says that she wants you to meet her relatives or parents or best friends. You don’t want to show any pictures of your dating on social media and also don’t want your partner to keep any of your photos together on their smartphones. You never ask your partner any questions if you see them dating someone else or roaming around with any of their friends. You are least interested to know what your partner thinks about you and whether she or he is interested in you for a long-term relationship or marriage.

All the above signs show that you have commitment issues and you fear getting into any relationship with the opposite sex. Even if you fall in love and get attracted to someone whom you know for a long time, you immediately start withdrawing yourself from them because you don’t want to make things official. You are always afraid to fall in love or even get spotted by someone in your group or known people if you are roaming with your partner.

You lack the attention and energy to keep up your commitment when your partner asks you to come for a movie or go out somewhere or start something together. The moment you feel that your relationship is going on a serious stage, you immediately want to break up and get rid of your partner. You experience intense fear and sometimes even panic or anxiety attacks when your partner says something serious to you about taking the relationship to the next level.

You don’t feel anything when you block your partner and even remove them from your friends’ circle. You don’t bother to give your partner any reasons for avoiding them online or offline. These are the symptoms that you are just not invested in any long-term relationship because this fear of commitment always puts you in an uncomfortable and uneasy space. This fear of commitment may also arise due to abusive relationships that you have witnessed in the past. It can also stem from an insecurity in your life that once you are in a relationship, it won’t last forever because you are not good enough for the same.

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