Sunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: Do you think AI will replace humans?

Sunshine SundaysSunshine Sundays with BuzinessBytes: Do you think AI will replace humans?


Artificial Intelligence, is the new buzzword that has been hitting the headlines every now and then for the last one year. Thanks to its trends that came only after the coronavirus pandemic. It is believed that Artificial Intelligence can replace many tasks done by humans such as data entry, telemarketing, cashier, travel agent, accountant, bank teller, customer service representative, librarian, paralegal, market research analyst, journalist, content creator, stock trading, translator, among others.

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All these job roles are already seeing a transformation in the way the functions and operations are getting defined all over the world. However, when several people across the world are losing their jobs due to the intervention and utilization of Artificial Intelligence by their companies, there is another section of the media that is releasing threatening news about how Artificial Intelligence can replace the entire humanity as a whole. Sick mentality, isn’t it? 

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But that’s what bothers people who read such news and even accept it to be true. Humans are feeling afraid of the usage of AI in their different parts of life. Be it professional or personal, there are many people out there who are hesitant to be a part of the technology space. They are unwilling to learn and adopt AI thinking that it is the same tool that will replace their original and lead to humanity’s extinction.

How true the news is, that is something many people are unable to comprehend. How can technology replace humans or humanity for that matter which has been in existence for billions of years? It is the same humans who have built AI and the potential threat that tomorrow you won’t be required by your company as they will adopt AI for faster work with less price, is something that is bothering humans like anything.

Some even feel traumatized when they watch the latest developments and innovations in the AI sector. However, that’s not the end of the journey! People cannot be replaced by any technology because AI has its own limitations and we will discuss them here one by one.

AI doesn’t have its own free will or own thinking to set things right when faced with worse situations. Life is a roller-coaster journey and any tool or technology for that matter even if it is as advanced as AI cannot actually come up with its own idea to solve the matter. Moreover, AI has to be trained and programmed to perform duties, it doesn’t have its own free will to work or not to do the work.

AI cannot emote or express its emotions just like humans do. For example, if a program has been set to send a happy birthday note to a friend on a specific date, AI will send the note even if the reality is different. Probably that friend just had a break-up or went through a divorce or lost a loved one or is presently hospitalized. AI won’t really understand the situation of this human who is struggling and still send the happy birthday message. It means AI lacks emotional understanding and so the possibility of it replacing humans doesn’t arise anywhere.


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