What to do if your partner messes your home in your absence

RelationshipWhat to do if your partner messes your home in your absence


Living together is really a great idea if the couple shares their home responsibilities in an equal manner. But if the couple has a different outlook when it comes to managing their home matters like the woman only doing the household chores and the man only making money from outside, then it will be a really tough time during the woman’s absence. If you are traveling to your parents’ or relatives’ place or going out of your home to stay outside for some days for work purposes, then let me warn you that your man is going to miss you like hell. Here is what you can do when your find making your lovely home a mess in your absence.

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1) Don’t shout or insult your partner:

It is human nature to shout at the top of your voice when things are really that bad. If your partner has messed up your home by doing things like not doing laundry, not drying up clothes, not cleaning utensils, keeping the home dirty like anything, and keeping food leftovers as they are without disposing of the garbage, then you really have a lot of work to do train him to manage his things alone when you are not there. Instead of insulting or shouting at your partner, you can take a week’s time to settle your home in the best manner possible.

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2) Get a maid’s help:

If your partner is not into homely matters and is really reluctant to learn to do stuff on his own like cooking, doing the utensils or washing clothes, etc, it is better you take the help of a maid who can fill in the gap in your absence. You can guide the maid by giving her some introductory training on where the things are kept in your home like cleaning soaps, groceries, vegetables, etc. Also, tell your maid to not take any unnecessary leaves during your absence if you plan to go someplace away from your home for more days.

3) Don’t judge your partner on his housekeeping abilities:

Many times wives or partners make men feel inferior and that they cannot do anything good for their homes. It is this thinking that doesn’t encourage men to enter the kitchen or even touch the cleaning supplies to keep their homes organized manner. Instead, you should encourage your partner to start learning to do stuff on their own in small ways. For one day you can ask your partner to make a dosa for himself and you can stand there seeing how it comes out. You can also write short recipes for him to create home-made foods in easier ways. You can also get better ways of cleaning supplies like a vacuum cleaner or sticks that will clean the home quickly without much effort and time. Doing some changes so that your partner can also help you with the chores even if you are there at home can really give him the confidence to live alone and in a better manner.

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