Priyanka’s punch sends BJP rattling in Karnataka

PoliticsPriyanka’s punch sends BJP rattling in Karnataka


PM changes his way of attacking the Gandhi family and the Congress, and, instead, he explains the charm of venomous snake that is the necklace of Lord Shiva

Amit Bishnoi

Bangalore: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has entered the Karnataka election ring and attacked the Congress with his usual pungent barbs. At a public rally, he said the Congress had insulted him 91 times.

He made the statement reacting to Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge who reportedly compared Modi with a venomous snake.

Kharge, however, justified his stand saying that he never meant a personal attack against the Prime Minister. It was an attack against the BJP which spreads the venom of communalism and religious fanaticism at the time of election, Kharge said.

Kharge’s explanations did not work. Immediately after Kharge’s statement, the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) IT cell swung into action and, as usual, tore into the Congress and its president.

Modi, too, hurled the venom barb at party MP Sonia Gandhi. The Congress angrily reacted to Modi’s remark.

That reaction of the opposition did not stop Modi who said VD Savarkar and BR Ambedkar were also abused.

Modi’s speeches indicate that he wants the electioneering in Karnataka to veer around his personality, and, this is the reason that he has begun to raise the barbs hurled the by the Congress at him.

Congress’s counter-attack

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi also attacked the Prime Minister. She said that Prime Minister only speaks about his problems without bothering about the difficulties being faced by the people. She said that she had never seen such a Prime Minister who only speaks about himself. She cited the examples of Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, PV Narsimha Rao, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh and she that they had never spoken about their problems, but they listened to others.

She further said that a book could be written on abuses hurled by the BJP and Modi at the Congress.

According her, the BJP’s IT cell keeps mum on the problems the people had to face because of sudden demonitization which led to unemployment and price rise. The IT cell of the BJP never speaks about the faulty GST which had to be amended over 200 times, she said.

She said Modi did not say anything about corruption in Karnataka where the ruling party was running a government of 40 per cent commission.

Reacting to PM’s comments over dynasty, the Congress said that as far as dynastic rule goes, the BJP gave tickets to the two sons of BS Yediyurappa, and the present chief minister of the state Basavraj Bommai is the son of former chief minister SR Bommai.

The Congress further said that Modi may have forgotten that aspect of his party at the time of making comments on the Congress.

Although it is well known that the Prime Minister does personalised campaign, it happened for the first time that he was given a reply.

This was the reason that he, instead of directly hitting out at the Congress or the Gandhi family, had to change his way of attacking the opposition.

After Priyanka Gandhi’s reply, Modi said, “The venomous snake is the necklace of Lord Shiva that charms everyone. I, therefore, accept being a snake to charm people.”

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