Russia’s Svetlana remembers the Gita by heart, speaks Sanskrit fluently

LifestyleRussia’s Svetlana remembers the Gita by heart, speaks Sanskrit fluently


Ukraine-Russia war is purely karma; it is a war of pride and consciousness; it is a result of Kali Yuga

Meenu Minal

Bhopal: A Russian-Ukrainian woman who fluently speaks Sanskrit. She shifted to India in 2008, but she had already learned the Gita by heart before coming to India at the age of 18.

Most of the Hindu religious scriptures are at her disposal. She is 47-year-old Svetlana Sazonova.

At present, she is learning predictive astrology at the Central Sanskrit University, Uttarakhand Campus, but a week ago she was in Bhopal. But she had to shift to another campus as Bhopal’s weather wasn’t suiting her. She says the Geeta is so complete that one does not need to read anything else to lead a perfect life. Every word spawns spirituality.

Svetlana’s father is Ukrainian, and her mother is Russian. When asked about her opinion on war-torn Ukraine and its impact on herself and her family in a very calm and sorted tone, she said, “My relatives are still living there. I’m really sorry for this situation in Ukraine, and the suffering of these people is horrible. But according to the scriptures, it is a fact that there is no one to blame. Everyone is just eating the results of his own deeds, not those of others. It is a result of Kali Yuga.”

Svetlana called the Ukraine-Russia war a war of pride and consciousness.

Svetlana has been in India for the past 15 years; she has done various courses in the Sanskrit language. She started learning the language in India, but she was introduced to Sanskrit when she was 10 years old. She used to read Sanskrit phrases in books translated into Russian.

When asked what fascinated her about this language, Svetlana said, “I was young, and I saw my friends fluently having a discourse in Sanskrit. And I wanted to learn it. Before Sanskrit, I had a degree in graphic design, but it didn’t interest me.”

Currently, she is a master’s student in India. But her source of income is the Sanskrit tuition that she gives to her foreign friends.

Asked about the fame of Sanskrit in Russia, she replied, “I know many people that are fluent in Sanskrit there. But now, due to the influence of Kali Yuga, Indian people are not interested in their own ancient culture but are enchanted by American and western styles. And in Western countries, just the opposite happens—people go crazy for yoga, Ayurveda, Jyotish, and Sanskrit.”

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