Dhankar calls Bhutto mentally sick after remarks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi

PoliticsDhankar calls Bhutto mentally sick after remarks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi


BJP’s Haryana BJP state President Om Prakash Dhankhar earlier on Thursday doomed the shameful remarks by Bilawal Bhutto on prime Minister Narendra Modi. The tension between India and Pakistan. Pakistan always has a tendency of triggering the situation.

While Interacting with the media Dhankar said that the Pakistan Minister is not mentally balanced. The nations always have a vindictive approach toward our prime minister Narendra Modi.

Dhankhar also alleged Pakistan of nurturing Terrorism in the country, which has now been exposed in front of the entire world. Further, he added that Pakistan’s point of view in any condition hardly has any importance.

According to the information received Om Prakash said that Bhutto’s statements prove that the nation will never improve and will always possess a vindictive nature towards others. Following this, he said the leaders in the country must seek solutions to fight the hunger issues in the country rather than being vindictive towards others.

The chief minister further said that the day is not far when there will be a civil war in Pakistan. Om Prakash also made a sarcastic comment on the Pakistani minister that he must get treated for mental illness so that he can serve his nation wisely.

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