Using the Russian R-27 missile, IAF develops the SAMAR-2 missile system

NewsUsing the Russian R-27 missile, IAF develops the SAMAR-2 missile system


The Indian Air Force has developed the second generation of the SAMAR missile system, which has significantly improved India’s defense system. The IAF developed the SAMAR-2 in-house using outdated R-27 air-to-air missile systems of Russian origin that it had on hand. Air Marshal Vibhas Pande claims that SAMAR 2 is the next generation of the missile system. He emphasizes that the main goal of this project is to incorporate expired missiles into a functional air defense system in order to maximize their usefulness.

This is merely an illusion of how the R27 missile can be incorporated into the Samar mechanism. According to the chief of maintenance command, this is an example of the Indian Air Force’s capacity to demonstrate that, given enough intelligence and cooperation with industry, it can create a system internally and eventually incorporate any other missile to guarantee the continued strength of its air defense system.

The Indian Air Force (IAF) developed the air defense system known as SAMAR-2. A surface-to missile for guaranteed retaliation is what it stands for. Old Russian-made R-27 air-to-air missile systems are used by the SAMAR-2 from the IAF’s stockpile.
Reusing outdated air-to-air missile systems of Russian origin allowed the IAF’s 7-base Repairing Depot Tughlakabad (BRD) to create the SAMAR system. During the Andhra Pradesh-based SuryaLanka Air Force Station’s Astrashakti 2023 exercise, the Indian Air Force successfully tested the SAMAR system through firing trials.

SAMAR Capabilities: The IAF claims that the platform, which was developed domestically, is capable of engaging in aerial danger with missiles that travel at a speed of two to 2.5 Mach. A twin-turret platform with the capacity to launch two missiles in just one and salvo mode makes up the made-in-India system.

Vice Chief of Staff Air Marshal AP Singh and Chief of Staff Air Marshal VR Chaudhari have already seen firsthand how well the missile system performs.

Air Marshal Vbhas Pande, the chief of IAF Maintenance Command, also visited the Siryalanka air base and had a meeting with the personnel, which included officers and men who had worked on developing this system internally.

The IAF successfully fired missiles from the other weapons system as well, and they were very successful at it. In order to promote self-reliance, the PM has directed the Indian Air Force to work toward this goal. The maintenance and repair command has also made great progress toward the nationalization of a number of equipment and spare parts used in ground-based weapon systems, transport aircraft, fighter jets, and helicopters. Along with the others, the force’s base repair depot is closely collaborating with the HAL to enhance the serviceability of the force’s Su-30 and MiG-29 jets. The national capital’s 7 BRD is equally involved in manufacturing the SAMAR air defense system.

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