Congress vs BJP: Controversy on UK Writer Alleges Denied Entry into India

NewsCongress vs BJP: Controversy on UK Writer Alleges Denied Entry into India


After British writer and creator Nitasha Kaul’s claim that she was denied access to India and deported from the Bengaluru airport despite having an invitation to speak at a convention by the Karnataka authorities, a conflict of words broke out between the Congress and the BJP.

MLA of Congress Party, Rizwan arshad slam the BJP Centre, and pronounce the Kaul deport and insulting. Meanwhile, BJP post on X and thanks to safety corporations on immigration of catch the anti India element and terms to Pakistani Pakistani sympathizer, Nitisha Kaul. 

UK Writer denied entry to India 

“She (Nitasha Kaul) got here right here (Bengaluru) and landed at the airport. However, she was denied entry without any valid purpose. A state government in a federal system invites an educational who is of Indian beginning however she was told through the vital authorities that she can not get entry. The fact is that why she denied to enter in India. 

Is it just because she doesn’t enroll in your ideology? Is this dictatorship in the country today? Is there a expression or freedom to take part in constitute debate. On this, Rizwan Arshad from Congress talk to journalists. 

He further stated that over and over, the BJP tries to drown voices that are seeking to support the Constitution and its capabilities along with brotherhood, fraternity, inclusivity, and equality. Here BJP in opposition comes. That is what Sangh Parivar is towards,” Rizwan Arshad said.

BJP Vs Congress Controversy 

The BJP, on the other hand, took a swipe at the ruling Congress in Karnataka and Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, asking if, by inviting the author, he’s “looking to mission the Constitution and threaten the solidarity and integrity of India.”

“No money to spend on drought remedy or developmental desires of Karnataka, however Siddaramaiah is happy to finance the Break India Brigade in an effort to appease Rahul Gandhi and save his CM Chair, all within the name of Dr. Ambedkar’s Constitution. What a disgrace,” Karnataka BJP tweeted.

What did UK writer Nitasha say? 

It is not ordeal, and indignities, attempt wrong that I confront and feel me insulting while entry. It was term into who pernicious antidemocratic common sense anywhere because of lack of knowledge, and pity for those who do it out of malice,” Kashmiri-Pandit Nitasha Kaul tweeted.

She claimed in her tweets that she was saved in a room below 24/7 surveillance and became denied “clean get access to” primary facilities, inclusive of meals, water, a pillow, and a blanket, in spite of “dozens of names” to the airport.


The incident when Nitasha Kaul claim she was denied access to enter in India come to light. Nitasha was 48 years old women who land at Bengaluru airport, but deport from country after some hours. In a sequence of tweets, she alleged that the immigration officers “informally” referenced her complaint of the RSS inside the beyond and mentioned “orders from Delhi” as the motive.

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