Rahul Gandhi’s Sharp Analysis of Agnipath Scheme’s Pitfalls

NewsRahul Gandhi's Sharp Analysis of Agnipath Scheme's Pitfalls


On Tuesday, the Rahul Gandhi congress leader opposed the government to destroy the dreams of youths by introducing an agnipath recruitment scheme and raising voices against it. He was in support of youths and raised the unemployment issues against the government, from the streets to Parliament. In one of his posts on Instagram, the congress leader shared a picture with a youngster group and said they are from Champaran Bihar. 

Rahul Gandhi stands for youth. 

As we know, the government launched the agnipath scheme in 2022 to recruit the youth in Indian army on temporary basis. He oppose the agnipath scheme and said that it was lost the permanent recruitment chance of youth. It may cancel their permanent recruitment offers ‘temporary recruitment’,” said Rahul Gandhi. It is not good for youths, he said. At every point, he is ready to take a stand for youth and oppose the government and its schemes. We are stands with youth and oppose government from streets to parliament.

Agnipath scheme 

What is the agnipath scheme that replaces the permanent recruitment of youth with temporary recruitment and affects their employment? The Agnipath scheme, introduced on June 14, 2022, gives for the recruitment of students aged 17 to 21 years for the first 4 years with a provision to maintain 25 % of them for 15 extra years. ‘Agnipath Recruitment Scheme’ Under this, the young people will get a chance to join the army for a length of 4 years. 

Young boys and women 17½ to 21 years will be eligible for this. For this, students from 10th to 12th are eligible to use this scheme. It will start in 90 days. This year, it has come to know that  46,000 Agniveers might be recruited. But they do not get permanent recruitment. They are temporary recruits only. In the first recruitment procedure, youth may get 6 months of training. Training time can also be covered in 4 years.

Leaders attack the government and scheme.

Former Congress President Gandhi published on social media that this group of teens had reached New Delhi from Champaran in Bihar. Champaran is the land of Satyagraha. All the youngsters have reached New Delhi taking walks, 1000 kilometers far from Champaran. But no media confirmed them. It is very unhappy that the government scheme removes the permanent recruitment cases of youth. He said that the government had commenced the Agnipath scheme, which has ruined the employment of a number of youths. The government has cancelled the recruitment of the Indian Air Force. Many teens have been affected by the cancellation of recruitment. We are with the teens from the streets to the Parliament. We will stand against the scheme to improve the employment rate, he said. 


Congress chief Rahul Gandhi Tuesday said the government has destroyed the goals of countless youths by introducing the Agnipath recruitment scheme, and voiced his help for those raising the issue of unemployment from the streets to Parliament. In this way, he take stands for youth, to oppose the government and improve their employment rates.

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