The first global leader with 20 million YouTube subscribers: PM Narendra Modi

NewsThe first global leader with 20 million YouTube subscribers: PM Narendra Modi


On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s YouTube channel passed a noteworthy milestone: 20 million subscribers. This makes it the most popular channel among world leaders. Modi is far surpassing both his Indian and international peers. The next highest-ranking leader is Jair Bolsanora, the former president of Brazil, with just 6.4 million subscribers—a small fraction of Modi’s. The president of Ukraine is far behind with 1.1 million subscribers, making it the third most popular channel among world leaders. Just 794,000 people subscribe to US President Joe Biden’s YouTube account, which ranks fourth on the list.

Prime Minister Modi’s channel is continuously on the top rule of the viewing department with 2.24 billion views in the month of December this year. This statistic is 43 times greater than Zelensky’s, who currently has the second highest number of views worldwide. With 4.5 billion (450 crore) video views, Modi’s channel surpasses the competition and has become the standard for political leaders on YouTube.

The accomplishments highlight his widespread popularity, which has been repeatedly noted in surveys such as Morning Consult, where he is consistently ranked as the most well-liked worldwide leader with an approval rating above 75%. Outside of the digital sphere, Modi’s dominance on YouTube channels reflects his political domination in India and beyond. The enormous divergence in opinion and subscribership between Modi’s channel and other Indian political figures and parties highlights the unmatched power he possesses in the digital sphere.

Other global leaders with the most YouTube users are Recep Tayip Erdogan of Turkey (419,00 subscribers), Emmanuel Macron of France (316,00 subscribers), Alberto Fernandez of Argentina (81,200 subscribers), and Justine Trudeau of Canada (69,600 subscribers).

A weekly poll conducted by the US-based decision intelligence firm Morning Consult found that 76 percent of respondents approved of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership and only 18 percent disapproved. This makes Modi the most popular leader in the world. The most recent approval ratings were gathered between November 29 and December 5, and the sample sizes varied by nation. The ratings are based on a seven-day rolling average of adult citizens in each country. The sample size in India is typically between 500 and 5,000.

With 66% of respondents approving of his leadership, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador came in second on the popularity list. Only 29% of respondents disapproved of his performance. Similarly, 58% of respondents approved of Swiss leader Alain Berset, while 28% disapproved of him. Despite the fact that PM Modi continues to be the most well-liked leader among the government officials polled, the survey shows a slight decline in his approval rating. According to the data, as of November 20, PM Modi had a 78 percent approval rating and a meager 17 percent disapproval rating.

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